INCREDIBLE: Mad Woman Regains Sanity After Being Hit By A Car In Ibadan - Pix!

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«§» 19 December 2012

After being insane for a decade, a 40-year-old mentally derailed woman, Olubisi Aina, has incredibly regained her sanity.

The miraculous incident occurred at Sanyo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, penultimate Monday.

Reports say, Aina the mad woman was known for roaming the Sanyo-Temidire-Agbamu road stark unclad. Everyday, she retired to her corner on the main road around the bridge on Damo River, a routine she never skipped.

And like every other day, she was sleeping close to the bridge as usual on Monday, when a car ran over her. Her mouth and legs were badly bruised in the accident, and was rushed to the Oore-Ofe Hospital and Maternity Home where she was admitted for some days.

After being discharged, the patron of the hospital, Mr Toyin Adesina, advised that Aina should have a bath and when she did, she became sane again.

Local media report that she regained her sanity after being led by acquaintances to Damo River where she was given new sponge and soap for her bath. While having her bath, she reportedly said “Thank you God” in Yoruba Language and from that point began to speak normally and she became sane.

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To God be the glory!
-- winace (f) at 19-12-2012 06:12AM
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Thank u GOD for dis miracle, pls do same for other insane people  too.
-- Kingjafe (m) at 19-12-2012 09:04AM
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Glory be to The Most High God.
-- sophiebaby (f) at 19-12-2012 09:57AM
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Halleluyah.. chai..if not for that accident.. God bless d driver small abeg

-- dembal (f) at 19-12-2012 10:43AM
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we thank Go for this deliverance.

-- prosperifetemi (m) at 19-12-2012 12:55PM
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that's why he is called God of no impossibilities and whose power never fails. KIIBATI NI OLORUN MI.
-- ela214 (f) at 19-12-2012 12:58PM
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-- micc (m) at 19-12-2012 01:46PM
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Abeg the should go and look for that holy ghost car to come and hit some mad people again for more deliverance
-- dallasp (m) at 19-12-2012 02:57PM
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Thanks be to God
-- chicco77 (f) at 25-01-2013 07:32PM
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 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
-- dlimelite (f) at 25-01-2013 07:43PM
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Thank You God for your miraculous deliverance.
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 25-08-2015 05:20PM
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Good luck
-- ifyjenny (f) at 27-11-2016 03:47PM
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God thank  u
Whosoever God has heal will be save forever
-- zeigbo (m) at 27-11-2016 04:24PM
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Thank God