5 Goats Arrested & Prosecuted In Osun State For Violating Environmental Laws

Published 7 years ago by: franel
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at 9-01-2013 06:10AM (7 years ago)

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«§» 9 January 2013

No fewer than five goats were yesterday arrested at Dele-Yesa area in Osogbo, the Osun State capital by officials of the state Waste Management Agency (OWMA) for allegedly violating environmental laws. The state Coordinator of the agency, Mr. Henry Ogunbanwo said the goats would be charged to court by the agency and would be prosecuted in accordance with the laws guiding environmental protection in the state.

He said the state government had issued notice of warning to all residents of the state capital on the need to monitor their domestic animals to avoid public disturbance by the animals, which, he said, was against the environmental laws. Ogunbanwo disclosed that the five goats arrested were detained at the office of the agency in Osogbo from where they would be taken to court for prosecution.

He said the goats ran fowl of the laws guiding environmental protection by roaming around the residential area of Osogbo instead of being caged by their owners. He declared that the present administration in the state had zero tolerance for dirtiness and environmental hazard; hence the need for the enshrinement of the environmental laws, adding that the government would not take it lightly with violators of the laws According to him, officials of the agency would from now move to every nook and cranny of the state to arrest animals violating the state environmental laws, stressing that owners of such animals would also be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the laws.

He advised those rearing domestic animals to keep them in a cage to avoid arrest, insisting that his agency would not allow any animal to roam about on the streets of any town or village in the state. He urged those looking for their goats in Osogbo and its environs to check at the state office of OWMA in Osogbo.

winace at 9-01-2013 07:31AM (7 years ago)
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Hahahahahahaha funny but seriously they shuld keep d goat in a ban yard na.
juddycoil at 9-01-2013 07:35AM (7 years ago)
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una for just talk say goat dey hungry una  Grin Grin
BlueIxora at 9-01-2013 07:42AM (7 years ago)
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I wonder who go represent the goats at the court of law.
dogodajiabuja at 9-01-2013 07:56AM (7 years ago)
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dlimelite at 9-01-2013 08:04AM (7 years ago)
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Hahahahahaha Funny. This is a joke. Goats that can't even talk or to defend themselves. They don't even have a clue of why theyre in court and what's going on. They should just keep the goats in a barn yard.
buoyantic at 9-01-2013 08:18AM (7 years ago)
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 Grin haha i don laff sote i shit bone..yoruba people with dier upside down thinking
Damsel12 at 9-01-2013 08:26AM (7 years ago)
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So this is not a joke,afterall
dickman2 at 9-01-2013 08:43AM (7 years ago)
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 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy..see case..
Bettygirls at 9-01-2013 08:48AM (7 years ago)
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do this people even have brains?goats?they are animals not human beings who can hear and talk.these  Grin Grin Grin ;Dguys are crazy Grin Grin Grin
bestbuky at 9-01-2013 08:50AM (7 years ago)
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stranz at 9-01-2013 09:13AM (7 years ago)
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Na dis kinda news we suppose to dey listen to?
CammyWhite at 9-01-2013 09:17AM (7 years ago)
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Perhaps the goats are people who've changed themselves (or have been changed) into goats. I hear that it's a common belief in Nigeria. Wasn't there the case of a woman who was arrested because someone claimed she'd turned into a cat? And the man who was nearly lynched because of a rumour he'd turned a boy into a goat?
longben at 9-01-2013 09:24AM (7 years ago)
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i suggest the following punishment for the mumu goats,1 isi.ewu,2 nkwuobi,3 pepper soup,4 ngwuogwuo.make the goats carry their hand chose which one they go carry serve their punishment.stupid ewu
cadanre at 9-01-2013 09:27AM (7 years ago)
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Interresting development. Cat arrested and prosecuted in Brazil, goats arrested and prosecuted in Nigeria. I laugh!

Noble12 at 9-01-2013 09:41AM (7 years ago)
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D final jugdement iz inside soup pot.
trapheal at 9-01-2013 09:41AM (7 years ago)
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Lol.... Are they well in that state? prosecute GOAT ...lol this is stupidity O... Lol
Rihannaaa at 9-01-2013 09:46AM (7 years ago)
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Eran iya oshogbo  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

charmingzeo at 9-01-2013 09:50AM (7 years ago)
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Hahaha.....them don dey kolo....lafing my arse out
adesma at 9-01-2013 10:10AM (7 years ago)
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 Grin Grin Grin e be lik sey den no get work for dis state
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