PDP: Don't ruin Nigeria

Date: 03-05-2009 7:26 pm (12 years ago) | Author: Remi Adebayo
- at 3-05-2009 07:26 PM (12 years ago)
How would one wake up on Saturday 25 April to expect anything less than fairness, peace and orderly conducts in the running of the conclusive elections of the Ekiti governorship polls considering the massive deployment of mobile policemen to the tune of 10,000, the interests of the re-branding Federal Government and an INEC that needs to clean the mess rubbed on its name as a result of the irresponsible handling of the April 2007 elections?

One is surprised that government could not for the purpose of pretense and its re-branding project ensured that all its arsenal were focused towards conducting a genuine, democratic, free, fair, credible and transparent and acceptable elections in just 10 local governments of the over 770 local councils we have in this country.

It is very pitiable that the whole concepts of the rule of law, electoral reforms, seven-point agenda and the likes mouthed by the Yar’Adua administration have fallen like a pack of cards in the face of hypocrisy, intolerance and insincerity of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) led government, which because of the politics of intolerance has turned deaf ears to the modern day voice of reason that the will of the Ekiti people must prevail in the outcome of the election that was conducted on Saturday.

What a shame! A nation that prides itself as the champion in Africa cannot conduct itself in a minute fraction of the nation thereby ridiculing all of us as a nation being led by thugs, rascals and rogues among who have found themselves in the corridors of power as senators and executives. Or how else one would describes a process that was meant to elect a servant of the people resulting in loss of lives, brutalization and molestation of journalists, opponents and election observers?

Aren’t we jinxed as a nation that in an election where the President, the Vice President, the Speaker, Inspector-General, INEC Chairman and all high-ranking PDP members have strong stake, these supposed guardians of our political ventures could not guarantee safety of Nigerians in the state for the conduct of the election thereby subjecting all of us to ridicule in the comity of nations.

It is a big shame! In other climes, those in the boats would have thrown in their resignation and sincerely, it would not be out of place to call on Mr. President and the whole PDP Federal Government and cohorts in the ill-fated Ekiti election to resign and allow Ekiti people have the honour of choosing who leads them in the capacity of the governor. One wonders what would happen in 2011 since we have been jinxed and incapable of conduction locally acceptable elections with massive deployment of 10,000 police in just 64 wards. Nigeria is indeed jinxed!

It is on this premise that the resignation of Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo is rejected and she must be made to announce the results of the Ekiti re-run election without criminal pressure from the PDP, INEC and Presidency. Now that Mrs. Adebayo has resurfaced, President Yar’Adua, PDP and politicians should allow the woman do her work in good conscience and sacredness of her Christian faith. Since she has recanted her resignation issue, Mrs. Adebayo must be made to realize the importance and enormity of the burden on her by standing on the truth and reject all overt and covert attempts by the ruling party and the Presidency to manipulate the mandate of the Ekiti people in favour of the failed party.

The woman has led a decent and Christian life, it is imperative that she keeps the name for the good of the nation, healing of our ailing democracy and lasting legacy that her children and generations coming would be proud of.

In view of this, the position that the President, Inspector General and INEC Chairman resign their offices is totally aligned with since it is obvious that they cannot ensure democratic tenets for not allowing the basic means of democracy which is credible electoral process. If Maurice Iwu cannot conduct election in just 10 local governments, he surely cannot conduct any in the whole of the federation in 2011. The honourable path is clear, let them go now!

However, it is high time that the opposition parties formed a single, credible and formidable opposition to the misrule of the PDP. The aim however should not be to call the party to a battle but offering Nigeria an alternative to the do-or-die mania of the party who by leadership has ventured into a coma since the baton changed hands in 2007.

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