Wizkid confirms break up with EME

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 Good morning Naija Hustlers, if you are a fan of this beautiful online magazine, then once again we welcome you home. But if this is your first time, we dare ask where you have been all this while, because this is where you get the very best, exclusives, downloads, interviews and lots more. Like we do every Saturdays, we hook up with the very best celebrities from the shores of Nigeria and in the Diaspora. We clear the air on controversial issues, rumours, hear-says, by hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. For today, we have on Naija Hustle the one and only Ayodeji  Balogun, call himWizKid, Star-Boy, Wizzy, we talking about the same person.
NH: First of all it’s good to have you back home, how long are you staying?
Wizkid: I’ll be staying for a while, say a month.
NH: How are you enjoying your new apartment?
Wizkid: Its great, bigger and better.
NH: Is it always a full home with your girlfriends and hommies around?
Wizkid: Yea, I guess maybe.
NH: We are sure it costs you quite some mills, how much exactly?
Wizkid: It’s sure very expensive but I wouldn’t want to disclose that. Please.
Wiz and Maleek
NH: Your new single (The Matter) with Maleek is taking over the airwaves, how did the hooking up happen?
Wizkid: I was with Maleek and he played the instrumental, it sounded great and I jumped on it. No rehearsal.
NH: How was it like working with Maleek, what his style like that of our Nigerian producers?
Wizkid: Working with Maleek is like getting an internationally standard beat here, by a Nigerian.
NH: The matter sounded more like a freestyle, did you expect much from it after recording?
Wizkid: it just couldn’t go bad.
NH: Are you done with studio works and recording?
Wizkid: I record everyday, guess I’m not.
NH: Sad enough it has been rumored no album from you this year but mixtape, are you intending to feature top Nigerian acts?
Wizkid: y’all watch out….
NH: After dinner with Nathalie Nunn and Bria Myles did anything go down after
Wizkid: Nope!
NH: In most of your songs you use phrases like ‘ Giving you all you wanting’ ‘Mr Lover Man’ ‘Mr Giving you all you desire’ how true are these about you?
Wizkid: Very true.
NH: Does this generosity extend to the bed?
Wizkid: hhahahhhaaaahhaha hah — even your girl go follow come around *lips sealed!
Wiz And Tania
NH: Your name has been associated with different ladies, but then who is the current star girl?
Wizkid: You know her.
NH: Let’s give your fans some inspiration when was that moment you almost gave up your musical career?
Wizkid: When my Dad thought me doing music was really jobless, he had to decrease my feeding allowances. I almost called it quits.
NH: What has kept you riding to the top in the game of music?
Wizkid:  Being focused, always hungry for getting more.
NH: How often do you see your mum for advice?
Wizkid: Due to my kinda work, like three times a month.
NH: How is Banky, Skales and the whole EME crew?
Wizkid: They should be good, I guess.
NH: How has working with Banky W been over the years?
Wizkid: Been great, I must tell you, working with the best.
NH: The news of your parting ways with EME Boss (Banky W) is spreading like wild fire, how true is this?
Wizkid:  Sad but true
NH: What’s your view about the high level of unemployment in Nigeria?
Wizkid: It’s really annoying
NH: Its being nice talking to you, one last word for your fans.
Wizkid: Y’all put God first, stay focused, work hard, be positive, its your favorite boy Wizkid !


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