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Arise! Arise!! Arise!!!, Nigerian, Our feature is in our hands if you believe,, I have posted some article that says it all, Can Mr Jonathan tell Nigerian the reason why we have no Light in Nigeria,  The reason i enfacised in Electricity is because, Electricity is the only thing that will make a nation prosper before other things, fellow, If there is light, also water will flow because it is powered with electricity, then people will see that road has galloping and it will be repaired all we the product of electricity,,, Nigerian has suffered that we are no longer happy to endure any longer with this kind of ruling. Go to Ghana and see how Nigerian are been insulted in the street, Go to Togo, and see Nigerian sleeping at the road side, Go to Guinea Conakry, G, Bissau, Senegal, Gambia, South Africa, Kenya, Tchad, and Niger, Congo, Zaire, any i can not mention but, My Fellow Nigerians, all this countries i mentioned, is were your brothers and sister are been humiliated, To the surprise of my eyes, a young Nigerian Lady was crying in the street, because her widow mother sale their land to send her to abroad, unfortunately to her, she did not make it and was repatriated to Togo were i met her and i encourage her to go back to Nigerian and the young lady told me, brother if i go back to Nigeria, from were do i start? but God ask me to help her by opening a salon in Togo in a street called sulted at Lome, while i continue my Journey because am also on the run because i could not with stand the poverty and hardship in Nigeria, were i open a small Skell company that employed about 15 workers, But the reason i fled was because i can not pay the salary due to power fellow, and been some body who has been out of the country for long hoping that Nigeria would have develop since we have democrazy. with Mr  Jonathan. I would put every proff of all i say inside here, but i think the site management may not disclose it.  In conclusion, Nigerians should Arise with oness and one heart, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo's, and all other minority tribes, i did not forget all the 36 states of Nigeria. to woke up Now. God bless Nigeria.

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- ozimso at 26-03-2013 02:42 AM (10 years ago)
Its a shame the way things happen in Nigeria......with all our resources, we can afford basic life needs....smfdh
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