Vector at war with his record label, YSG. Arrested twice by his label

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One of Nigeria's foremost rappers Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, popularly known as Vector Tha Viper is currently at war with his label, YSG Ent - recently discovered to be a division Young Shall Grow Motors company, led by Obiora Obianodo, (Pictured right) the first son of  Chief Vincent Obianodo, the MD of Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.

The disagreement between Vector and his label started a few months back after the rapper complained about his progress-rate and the label's nonchalant attitude towards his career and simply suggested more professional hands be employed to help his career, which the label took as a threat, and when they refused to heed to his suggestions, Vector hired hands he was paying personally.

He has been with the label for over four years and never asked to leave, all he asked for according to his camp was more work and results. Things actually got worse after Vector took a self-sponsored vacation to the US and returned to his record boss' anger, claiming he went to the States to sign a record deal. Continue...

Weeks after, Vector received and invitation letter from the Commissioner of Police of Lagos state and was summoned to the Area-E command (Festac). On getting there, he was presented with a "breach of contract" petition, claiming that he has engaged external hands to work for him. His parents got involved (as his dad is a retired police officer), and it was settled amicably.

Feeling unsafe and threatened, Vector surrendered the car and apartment provided for him by the label and acquired a replacement for himself. Thinking this was over, Vector went about his daily life (as lawyers were already handling the case) till the 10th of June. He was to be shooting his scene of the Ghetto RMX video by Shank, at his childhood neighbourhood (Mcarthy Barracks, Obalende, Lagos), when men of the police force came to seize him and his personal manager (Michael Umoru) and took them all the way back to Festac, this time it was a proper arrest and they were detained from 3pm till 10pm when his lawyers came through.

According to sources close to Vector, he has been receiving series of personal threats from the label, and he hasn't felt so safe and really did not want to talk to the press about it.

Just yesterday, his twitter account(@vectorYSG) with over 100,000 followers suddenly disappeared, and has been confirmed to be deactivated by his label.

Vectors manager says a new twitter handle @VECTORTHAVIPER has been activated and is now his artistes official handle, alongside the launch of his official Website As at the time of compiling this report, efforts to reach his record label has been abortive.

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vector da rapper
-- katdeluna2 (f) at 20-06-2013 01:02PM
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Na them knw ooo
-- odprince (m) at 20-06-2013 01:06PM
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i never know him as you popular..never..when you are stubborn,be ready to face everything
-- mary11 (m) at 20-06-2013 01:32PM
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Aw true is dis story?

-- proly (f) at 20-06-2013 01:49PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Tongue Tongue
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Wel be careful sha,,.
-- mejex (m) at 20-06-2013 02:10PM
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money palava
-- HOPEA23 (f) at 20-06-2013 02:26PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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What's wrong in him asking for improvement ? Stupid record labels, he feared his career is nose diving, why can't they give him the little token he is asking for? Hence this is his first time in 4 years. Car, Apartment, Twitter...Gone! So why are they still chasing him around? They want a refund of all the money he has been paid? Greedy Fools!
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just passing by ooo
-- ezchusa (m) at 20-06-2013 03:21PM
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the viper

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Na wa oo

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Vector remain one of Nigeria's best rappers but I think he is with a wrong record label...this guy's rap is very clear and meaningful but not shabarabara  boborobol.

-- Shegzan (m) at 20-06-2013 03:39PM
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Vector u shld knw dat igbo man no dey play wit him business o, so cut off completely frm dat label
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