SHOCKING: Pregnant Woman Arrested With Robbery Gang

Date: 12-07-2013 8:14 am (8 years ago) | Author: Adeniyi Opemipo
- at 12-07-2013 08:14 AM (8 years ago)

Police men attached to the special anti-robbery squad of the Lagos State police command have arrested a nine-month-pregnant woman for alleged armed robbery.
The woman, Asabi Ojenike, a single mother, was allegedly a member of an armed robberygang operating in Ogun and Lagos states.

Asabi, who claimed that she hails from BeninRepublic, was arrested recently after she waslured to SARS Ikeja on the pretext that her lover was in custody and she should come tobail him.
The police told .com sources that Asabi belonged to a notorious armed robbery gang and had been on the wanted list for various deadly robberies including car theft in Ogun and Lagos States.
The police added that Asabi is a major playerin the gang as she assisted them to gain entry into the victims’ homes and also acted as their arms keeper.
Asabi, who confessed to the allegation, however, stated that she has repented.
“It was Dipo, my lover’s friend, that introduced me to armed robbery. I sell herbs to women who want to get pregnant. I am nine months pregnant. I have twin sons and they are 10 years old . [I bore them] for another man,” she said.
“It was last year I met Dipo. Dayo, one Adetela and another Igbo guy belonged to the gang. On my first robbery operation, we went to Ore. My job was to pretend to be a desperate woman who wanted to buy goods or who was in need. I would knock on the door of our target victim and as soon as theyopened the door to attend to me, the gang members, led by Dipo, would swoop on the occupants and rob them of their belongings.

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