LOOK: Michael Essien Disgraces Himself In Public

Published 6 years ago by: Olusola Agbaje
at 25-07-2013 12:42AM (6 years ago)

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We know Michael Essien is very talented when it comes to football but he has many flaws hence why he is camera-shy and don’t really do lot of things socially. He never spoke in a Fan-Yogo commercial, you ever wondered why? I guess Essien’s English language skills is not the best.

My football-head friends say, we can’t blame him because he has only played in England not long ago, He played for LYON, Real Madrid which are all in non English-speaking countries. Well personally I feel, it’s been long enough for him to get his English on. BTW! I guess that is what happen when one skip school for football or let’s just say you can’t have it all. Look at his tweet below. I’m even shy for him LOL. He’s still one of the best players though.

If you can’t see it well, in the tweet he says and I quote -

What’s writing on earth is writing in heaven, if jah say YES, no man can say NO, …. Jah bless still

monteeiyke at 25-07-2013 02:48AM (6 years ago)
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@ poster i guess someone like u never visited a non english speaking country in ur life. u have to try it and see how easy it is to speak a completly different language.
prosperifetemi at 25-07-2013 02:49AM (6 years ago)
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nothing is wrong with d English, he's speaking pigeon English also called Broken english and this kind of english don't have correction, you speak it anyhow.
Shegzan at 25-07-2013 03:29AM (6 years ago)
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merion at 25-07-2013 05:36AM (6 years ago)
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dats ok
Uchey90 at 25-07-2013 08:25AM (6 years ago)
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@poster, Yes, he's better than everybody in your family