ASUU Can Continue Their Strike! No Money To Meet Demands ––Says Okonjo-Iweala

Published On: August 14, 2013, 7:04 am
Author: obo female
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-- (m) at 14-08-2013 07:04AM

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There is always money to pay our political officers holders, .Com observed, even more than their counterparts in developed countries. But when it comes to matters of developing the leaders of tomorrow or critical infrastructure in Nigeria, there will always be scarcity of funds.

Below is what the coordinating minister of the economy is saying to ASUU:

“At present, ASUU wants government to pay N92 billion in extra allowances over and above their salaries. Though we are in discussion with them, the problem is that the resources to take care of the demands are simply not there.”
“People are supportive when there is agitation to increase salaries, pensions among others. But on the other hand, people also turn around to say the recurrent budget is too high and there is no way you can have it both ways and so we have to make specific choices in this country.”
“Do we want to get to a stage when virtually all the monies and resources we earn are being used to pay salaries and allowances for public servants, who make up a minute percentage of the country’s population?

“If we do, it means that government workers will take up the entire budget of the country with nothing left for roads, water, education and others.”

The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spoke while delivering keynote address at the opening of 2013 National Council on Finance & Economic Development, NACOFED, in Minna, Niger State, on Tuesday.

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-- merion (f) at 14-08-2013 07:09AM
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wheres da money
-- olamidesaint (m) at 14-08-2013 07:11AM
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 Lips Sealed
-- Aquarium (m) at 14-08-2013 07:14AM
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As if they even provide the inftrastructure.

-- Benish (m) at 14-08-2013 07:19AM
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There must be an agreement. If only d FGN will agree 2 pay up within an agreed period (ie. if ASUU will agree)... Pls we r sufferin. Agree call off n let's go bck 2 skool. We r all tired of doin notin @ home. God we seek ur intervention in dis pblm btwn ASUU n FGN
-- Benish (m) at 14-08-2013 07:20AM
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There must be an agreement. If only d FGN will agree 2 pay up within an agreed period (ie. if ASUU will agree)... Pls we r sufferin. Agree call off n let's go bck 2 skool. We r all tired of doin notin @ home. God we seek ur intervention in dis pblm btwn ASUU n FGN
-- maxzy277 Online (m) at 14-08-2013 07:46AM
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Can u imagine that,When her children were not affected, That's Bad Leadership.....
-- angesco (f) at 14-08-2013 07:47AM
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Of course there is no money. But how many people know why?

Nigerian federal legislators receive much higher salaries than their counterparts in wealthier countries and key developing nations, according to an analysis published by the Economist magazine.A Nigerian legislator receives an annual salary of about $189,000, equivalent of N30 million, which is 116 times the country's gross domestic product (GDP) per person, says the publication which was posted on the magazine's website on Friday.

The figures put salaries collected by Nigerian senators and members of the House of Representatives way ahead of those received by fellow parliamentarians in the 29 countries whose data was analysed by the Economist. In terms of volume of cash earnings, the Nigerian legislators beat their counterparts in Britain who take $105,400 yearly, as well as those in the United States ($174,000), France ($85,900), South Africa ($104,000), Kenya ($74,500), Saudi Arabia ($64,000) and Brazil ($157,600).

And anyway the politicians send their children to universities outside Africa - where there are no strikes- and they return after graduating, do not go through the compulsory one year NYSC scheme but get all the jobs.Those who gradauted at home if they do get a job -either know someone who can "help," take on a job well below their educational qualification or end up educated market traders!!!.  

The  Nigerian government knows the people will not demonstrate -there will be nothing like the Arab spring/uprisings in Nigeria. Nigerians have learnt to fend for themselves.

You would think they would listen to the Nigerian students crying out  - but they won't - even if these same students voted for them in the last election.
-- cherishp (f) at 14-08-2013 07:53AM
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I'm tired of sitting @ home pls, something should be done!!!
-- ebiteck (m) at 14-08-2013 08:08AM
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useless woman, why would there be money after you guys have stolen all the money, and your children study in Harvard, nemesis will catch up with you guys sooner than you expect
-- Toks-E (m) at 14-08-2013 08:30AM
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But there's enough money to fuel the most expensive democracy in the world?

-- paulohking (m) at 14-08-2013 08:32AM
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imagine that, but u av money to embezzle abi Roll Eyes?
-- lakman (m) at 14-08-2013 09:03AM
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is a huge amount of money that asuu is demanding and federal government is corrupt too, there is problem in both side.
-- dareper (m) at 14-08-2013 09:19AM
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Make una no mind em, I know one day people are going to wine and dine on their grave and the grave of their children IJN.
-- cadanre (f) at 14-08-2013 09:21AM
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Agent of devil.

-- lanudja (f) at 14-08-2013 09:32AM
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If i may ask? Hw much is ur salary Ngozi?
-- smartiyke (m) at 14-08-2013 09:57AM
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Quote from: lanudja on 14-08-2013 09:32AM
If i may ask? Hw much is ur salary Ngozi?

-- softhils (m) at 14-08-2013 10:00AM
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holy thieves
-- ijviva (f) at 14-08-2013 10:06AM
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I weep for my nation.
-- mary11 (m) at 14-08-2013 10:52AM
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What happen 2 all the money recovered 4rm Abacha's loot?

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