ABSURAPE Revisited By Kayode Ogundamisi! And We The Mob Moved On

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In 2011 the Nigerian social media erupted when the horrific gang rape video of a young lady surfaced online. The hour long video depicts a rape by at least 5 men and at a point she begs to be killed. Bloggers broke the story online which had before then reportedly circulated amongst the Abia State University student community earning it the ABSU RAPE tag.

 In the fallout of the expose the full weight of social media, women and human rights organizations was mobilized in commentary, petitions, letters to Inspector General of Police, an interactive session by the then Youth Minister Bolaji Abdulahi, a special session with women and human rights NGOs with the House of Reps committee on human rights.

There were strident denials from the Abia State Govt. a mind-blowingly embarrassing statement from the Commisioner of Police in Abia saying the rape looked "consensual" and the usual blame the victim brigade. It was a virtual firestorm.

Fast forward to 2013. In March a police report indicated that the rape victim and accused rapists in the video had been identified and located not in Abia State but in Obite Rivers State.

It revealed that the victim was a married woman and at least one of her rapists a relative of her husband. Compared to the frenzied outrage of the rape video this news got the equivalent of a bored yawn.

There were no petitions or freedom of information requests to get more information from the police. No campaigns to raise money to investigate the claim and raise money for the victims legal fight or rehabilitation. We all failed in our duty, the ever loud #Mob No catchy hash tag.

Nothing but a few feeble tweets and updates about the story sounding doubtful and sad, we couldn’t afford to resuscitate #ABSU so as not to drown our current # party, a new Voyeur for social meetings under the name of protest, candle at night, opportunity for ‘networking’ then a chance on the daily shows of the television, our best suits, a fresh haircut and then another ‘sponsorship’ from telecommunication firms, who could as well also donate some of the ‘investment’ into helping victims of rape. Like vultures the #Mob wait for another fancy cause, then we rake, we increase our ‘followership’ graphic designers in waiting, it is now trendy to shout it, wear few T-shirts and then go to sleep.

 Fast forward again to August 2013: The Nation publishes a truly heartbreaking follow up story that reads like an over the top Nollywood tragedy.


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Abegi no happen here in nigeria dats why there is rise in rape.