Married Woman Caught With Pastor In A Hotel In Lagos

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Most times when men get married to women older than them, the tendency is that the women often grow out of the men's control overtime, .Com observed. In some cases, these woman start taking actions as the ones in-charge of their homes, thus disregarding their younger husbands.

On Friday, a 48-yrear-old man, Gbenga Awoyode revealed details of how his 52-year-old wife, Raliat was caught in the act with a Pastor inside a hotel in Lagos.

Mr. Awoyode, speaking before an Alagbado Grade A Customary Court, disclosed that his wife no longer have respect for him again, saying the night duties he does at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos provided his wife ample opportunity to engage in illicit sex with men in their neighborhood.

The divorce-seeking husband said he is fed up with the 15year old marriage because of the pains, shame and insult he has suffered in the union.

He lamented that his neighbour’s wife once accused his wife in the full glare of other neighbours to leave her husband alone.

He said the marriage produced three children, adding that Raliat has turned life into a nightmare for him and his two children from his first marriage, forcing the maltreated children to run away from home.

Apart from utter disregard for his family members, Awoyode claimed that his wife beats other relatives who dare to challenge her actions.

He also said his wife has the habit of seizing his documents, identification card and driver’s licence, adding that she destroys his belongings whenever they quarrel.

Awoyode prayed the court to grant him outright divorce, saying he did not pay any dowry on his wife.

Dispelling the claims of her husband, Raliat said he cooked up the allegations to give her a bad name in order to secure a divorce. She claimed that she is not a hostile person as claimed by her husband, pointing out that her husband’s callous attitude was the major problem in their marriage.

According to Raliat, her husband only gives her N200 as feeding allowance for nine people. She also alleged that he beats her up when she makes any comment on the meagre sum of money.

Raliat, who also accused her husband of dating another woman, appealed to the court not to dissolve the marriage as she still loves her husband.

Following the woman's claim that she still love her husband, the court president, P.A. Williams, adjourned the case till Monday, September 9, 2013 for further hearing.

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family matter
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why the wrong title...married woman caught with a pastor in hotel.... nawaooo!! Nigeria people why e bi say all una things are always like this... no truth, no reliability in any nija news... I fear unaooooooo.... this is really family matters......................................