How Secondary School Girls Are Running Secret Prostitution

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While it is no longer news that prostitution is on the increase, teenage prostitution is a new phenomenon that is causing worry in the society. Teenagers of secondary school age seem to be competing with older women in a bid to sell their bodies to men.

Mary Istifanus (not her real name) 15 is a senior secondary school drop-out who has been sleeping with men for money. One might think she is in denial as she sees the act as one that is devoid of any personal gratification, saying:
"I am not a prostitute, I just hustle to make ends meet. My father is dead and my mother who sells Akara can’t take care of us."

She explains how she got into prostitution. “My class mates introduced me to the trade. One day, they invited me to their restaurant after school where some customers gave us money. We were then invited to a particular hotel and since then, that was how I started sleeping with men for money. I was suspended from school for being rebellious and so I stopped attending”.

Another underage prostitute, 17-year-old Grace who opened up to LEADERSHIP said she was brought to Abuja from her village in Nasarawa State to work for one Hajiya who sells food in Garki Model market.

According to her, “Traders who we serve food to will dash us money and tell us to meet them in a hotel in the night. I have several boyfriends in the market; even the wheelbarrow boys you think are poor can give a girl as much as N2,000.

"This is how we make money and I send it home to my mother to help them out.”

Nobody can say what is pushing teenage girls to prostitution; most have blamed it largely on economic and social factors. Dr Adeyinka Adetokunbo, a Gynaecologist, observes that “teenage prostitution leads to negative effects on the totality of the child later on in life. Most of them have little access to healthcare and suffer extremely unhygienic conditions. It is also common knowledge that prostitution promotes the spread of HIV because most of their clients refuse to have protected sex with the girls, believing that it will bring them fresh blood.

This early sexual intercourse causes a lot of damage to children, including:
honeypotl tearing, physical after-effects of torture, pain, infection, or unwanted pregnancy, depression, personality or sexual orientation confusion, problems with behaviour, insomnia and loss of self-confidence.”

She further explained that in most cases, these teenage prostitutes end up with sexually transmitted diseases as Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, human papilloma virus, HIV/AIDS, staphylococcus and syphilis. They also experience pelvic pain and inflammatory disease (PID), unwanted pregnancy, trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, and risk of self-mutilation, suicide and homicide.

Child psychologist, Peter Ishaya stated that child prostitution is when underage teenagers start experimenting with sex before their 18th birthday.

“The Jubilee Action report (1995) states that, up to 1 million female children join prostitution each year around the world. You can attribute the causes to poverty, unemployment, broken homes, and lack of education, drugs, pornography, and rebellion”.

“Prostitution leaves young girls traumatised for years. They end up not trusting anybody and become lazy because they believe that they can make quick money by just sleeping with a man. It also affects the way they treat people because they sleep with men who are their parents’ age or older. Then they tend to stop respecting adults,” he added.
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Sad state of our society



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