Breaking News, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo's Reply To Ese Walter's Sex Scandal

Published On: August 25, 2013, 1:02 pm
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-- (m) at 25-08-2013 01:02PM

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It was an atmosphere of artificial crowd and artificial shouting in COZA, observed, as the man in the eye of the storm, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo mounted the pulpit during Sunday service to REACT to what you all have been reading about him in the social media.

And here is what Pastor Biodun said:

    "I'm sure you read somethings about me in the social network. I've been receiving calls from different people even big people in government... They have been advising me; 'don't talk, we understand'.

    Read my lips: Because I know that there are people here that are not part of us:

    We are going to speak but we are consulting. We'll come out with a robust reply.....but for now...we ask God he said 'don't talk'.... My destiny is not in anybody's hands...

He also said something like people are trying to bring him down because he is building a new church, saying: "Brethren, no one will see our new church building site and not want to bring us down."

I'm kind of sad that Pastor Biodun could not BOLDLY deny this sex story. What is really going on?

-- udenzeu (m) at 25-08-2013 01:15PM
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Did u phyuk those girls? Yes or no......stop twisting the story!
-- kebella (f) at 25-08-2013 01:48PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

-- Afrogotojail (m) at 25-08-2013 01:54PM
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The lady is not saying you rape her. did you guy phyuk ? did u suck her boobs ? did u finger her?
-- Lateef67 (m) at 25-08-2013 02:17PM
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Iust yes or no
-- gentle60 (m) at 25-08-2013 02:29PM
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just answer yes or no and stop all this story
-- dickman2 (m) at 26-08-2013 08:26AM
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amebo people..wetin be   una own for this matter now..abi una want go phyuk her too ..make una free them joor
-- ThoRam (m) at 26-08-2013 08:27AM
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Thanks for sharing
-- merion (f) at 26-08-2013 08:39AM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- Noble12 (m) at 26-08-2013 09:09AM
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I c
-- humphreyedet (m) at 26-08-2013 09:29AM
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Most girls have lost their dignity dis days dat they can boldly come to public and bost of who phyuked dem according to d man social status..shame to u shameless female..those days sex was a sacrilege now they take it as nothing
-- dareper (m) at 26-08-2013 09:42AM
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He did it that why he don't want to reply her, hell fire candidate
-- etibaba (m) at 26-08-2013 10:30AM
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-- micc (m) at 26-08-2013 12:04PM
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Only God knows his own
-- Shimmer4u (f) at 26-08-2013 12:14PM
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End Tym
-- Sophyrocks (f) at 26-08-2013 12:51PM
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To the ladies who exposed him, THUMBS UP!

-- felaman (m) at 26-08-2013 12:55PM
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Quote from: dickman2 on 26-08-2013 08:26AM
amebo people..wetin be   una own for this matter now..abi una want go phyuk her too ..make una free them joor
big fool close ur dirty mouth idiot
-- bashoo8888 (m) at 26-08-2013 01:04PM
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-- ebiteck (m) at 26-08-2013 03:31PM
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i see
-- ajanni (m) at 26-08-2013 03:52PM
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na wa oooooo
man of GOD indeed
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