Passengers’ Luggage Thief Arrested At Lagos International Airport, MMIA –

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The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, said on Sunday it has unravelled port rats behind the disappearance of passengers’ luggage at the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

FAAN said the mystery was lifted after the arrest of a member of the gang perpetuating the act, Mr Okereobode Chinwendu.

The 38-year old suspect was said to have been caught in the act on 2 September.

The agency said after the pilfering at the nation’s main airport generated a lot of controversy recently, the Crime and Investigation unit of FAAN’s Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) was put on the alert and an investigation was opened.


“The investigation got a major lead when AVSEC officials received a report of pilferage from Emirate Airlines on its flight of July 19, 2013 and CIB officials embarked on an inspection of the photo footage from the aircraft’s bulk hold’s closed circuit television (CCTV) showing the reported pilfering in progress.

“The suspect, Mr. Okere, an employee of Check Port Security (the official airline security company of Emirate Airlines) was identified in the footage, and apprehended. He later confessed to giving Mr. Oriola Afeez, a NAHCO staff, who is still at large as at press time, the permission to go ahead with pilfering on the parked aircraft, while Okeke gave him protection inside the aircraft bulk hold,” said Yakubu Dati, FAAN’s image maker.

Dati said the culprit confessed to aiding and abetting the NAHCO staff in removing an I-pad computer and other valuable items belonging to passengers which were sold and proceeds from the sale, in the sum of eight thousand naira, was given to him.

“This discovery has confirmed that pilfering gangs are mainly cargo handling agents and airline security officials who have been operating from inside parked aircraft, contrary to the wrong assumption that pilfering was done inside terminal,” Dati said.

Meanwhile, Mr Okereobode Chiwendu who was charged for conspiracy and stealing was on Friday sentenced to six month imprisonment concurrently, while Police officers are on the trail of the NAHCO staff involved.

“FAAN is assuring all travelling passengers of safety of lives and property throughout the nation’s airports,” Dati said.

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ThoRam (m) at 9-09-2013 04:14PM
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very stupid  Angry Angry  

sandra78 (f) at 9-09-2013 04:41PM
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Na only six months....after they have steal all these laptop and IPad
steveoneal (m) at 9-09-2013 04:42PM
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they should arrest the fleeing suspect and all responsible for this shameful act,,, i ve never heard of such in any airport in the world besides mma,, you send stuffs thru the seaport,,they will loot your goods and empty your vehicles,,containers not left out,,,, you  still  risk your life again boarding a flight hoping this time your stuffs would be safe and get shared  to your  folks,,they would still get stolen,, so tell me how to get goods or gifts down to nigeria without being stolen?Huh?,,,, biggest shame at the national airport
ebiteck (m) at 9-09-2013 04:56PM
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too bad
dareper (m) at 9-09-2013 05:02PM
(20637 | Addicted Hero)

Very bad for nigeria
angesco (f) at 9-09-2013 05:04PM
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One down - a thousand more to catch!
lanudja (f) at 9-09-2013 05:05PM
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U can imagine
winace (f) at 9-09-2013 05:41PM
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Wat kind of human being are dis. Aha na wa o
chicco77 (f) at 9-09-2013 05:59PM
(22116 | Addicted Hero)

 Shocked Shocked
osamabinladin (m) at 9-09-2013 06:35PM
(13417 | Hero)

 Lips Sealed
gmarley (m) at 9-09-2013 06:41PM
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e don tail wen thieves they that airport so nor be today
emekaeneh (m) at 9-09-2013 06:49PM
(1510 | Gistmaniac)

Before na wharf rat now na port rat. Naija I hail o.                                                                                   Eneh say so via nokia 3310
nestoba (m) at 9-09-2013 08:16PM
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So are there no security cameras in the luggage rooms to the arrival halls !
nestoba (m) at 9-09-2013 08:21PM
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So are there no security cameras in the luggage rooms to the arrival halls !
The CCTV camera must be reviewed on daily and in fact CCTV cameras should be connected to the Security room for instantaneous view by security supervisors.
Toks-E (m) at 9-09-2013 08:28PM
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E don red for am

etibaba (m) at 9-09-2013 09:41PM
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paulohking (m) at 9-09-2013 10:36PM
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later sha
micc (m) at 9-09-2013 10:55PM
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Na wa o
sucre4u (m) at 9-09-2013 11:09PM
(2947 | Gistmaniac)

Na wa o
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