Unbelivable! Woman escapes unhurt after giant container crushes her car(Photos)

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This is Amazing....A Chinese woman left many speechless when she miraculously emerged unhurt after her car was crushed by a giant container.
The woman was reportedly driving in Zhangjiagang in the Jiangsu Province of China alongside a lorry carrying the huge, orange box, which suddenly tilted to one side crushing her car.

Firefighters were called to the scene but had to wait almost twenty minutes for a crane powerful enough to life the container off of the car.Rescuers and members of the crowd which had gathered were then astounded to hear a voice from inside the car shouting for help.
They were able to cut the car open with tools and pull the woman, who had sustained no seriousinjuries, to safety.
Photos below

nonix22 (m) at 25-09-2013 08:10PM
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Thank You Lord Shocked
nnaman (m) at 26-09-2013 12:45PM
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God is wonderful.