RIP! 2 Toddlers Kidnapped, Raped & Murdered In South Africa

(m) at 26-10-2013 03:31PM (6 years ago)

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Two girl cousins, aged two and three, have been kidnapped from their home is South Africa in broad daylight. And when Yonelisa and Zandile Mali were found a few days later in the township north of Johannesburg, the news only got worse. The two girls had been raped and murdered, their lifeless bodies dumped in a public toilet in Diepsloot.

This happened on October 15 and five men have been accused of kidnapping, molesting and killing the two little girls.The suspects appeared briefly in court in Pretoria yesterday but the trial has been adjourned until November 1st. A DNA test will also be carried out on the victims and alleged rapist and murders.

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