Reasons Why Some Ladies Prefer To Date Married Men.

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These days we all know what we call sugardaddys and mummys but let’s dwell with the Sugardaddys for now.Some ladies have always preferred dating married men and they claim to have their reasons. Let’s analyse it one by one: They claim married men are:
1. More Responsible: How can ladies think a married man will be more responsible. Let me start by saying,if a man cheats on his wife with you,that’s an height of irresponsibility.
2. More Caring: What is so caring about them? They just have to be so nice and caring at times to get into the ladies mind.
They are more experienced ,so being caring is an easy thing. It doesn’t make them right for you.
3. More generous: Yes,this is the best part. Ladies prefer the married men because they love to throw more cash around.
They have the money,so spending to get into your thighs isn’t difficult. You are still not so valuable enough because of the money.
4. Better In Bed: Says who? Abeg!!! Who says the younger guys aren’t better. Look for a better reason.
5. More Matured and Experienced: If they are so matured,they should know you are too young for them and concentrate on their wife. Experience about life should keep them committed not loose. Like it or now, dating a married man is bad. Forget the help, work on your own life too. Don’t give an excuse of not being lucky with young guys,open your eyes well to see the right one and don’t judge with money or pocket size. Rather than focusing on looks,cash etc look out for purpose, an enterprising man, a man with vision and action.
Stop playing that game.
One question for the ladies: “Would you love to share your husband with another man?” If no,then leave that man alone and gain your respect.
Married men, focus on your wife’s strength. Make her better.
Spend on her. Teach her the styles and trend you like.
Stop looking outside there. Its dangerous too.
A word is enough for the wise!!!!!!!

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u wan spoil show for we sugar daddies abi?...e no go work for u

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