Skuki Peeshaun Runs Out Of Tattoo Shop In Pain

6 years ago by: Master
(m) at 4-11-2013 10:48AM (6 years ago)

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Currently holidaying in Cyprus, Peeshaun wanted to get a tattoo on his left arm. He
however could not stand the pain and had to run away from the shop to the
amusement of his brother, manager and those around the shop. All efforts made to
persuade him to have the tattoo done proved abortive, lol. His girlfriend just
wanted us to know how her man chickened out of that. See a photo of it below
and a link to the twerking video that has gone viral.

Their twerking video for their new single 'silifa'  has gone viral in the US. It was
posted on worldstarhiphop with half a million views and 5,874 comments already.
Hmm big huh?

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