Banks To Replace ATM Card With Finger Print By Next Year February 14!

6 years ago by: Victor A. Ofoma
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-- (m) at 6-11-2013 03:52PM

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The Central Bank of Nigeria and the Bankers Committee on Tuesday sealed a biometric solution pact with a German Firm, Dermalog, for the development of a payment system that would be driven by fingerprints.

What this means is unlike the current practice where different instruments are used as means of identification, bank customers will from 2014 be identified through their fingerprints.

Sanusi, while speaking at the signing of the agreement, which was held at the central bank’s headquarters in Abuja, noted that the system would become operational on February 14, 2014.

This move followed the recommendation of a sub-committee chaired by the Group Managing Director, Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Godwin Emefiele. *winks*
The cost of the project is above $50m and the banks, in their wisdom and in line with their collaborative efforts, are going to be sharing the cost of the project, and no customer is going to be charged for this project.

-- Austinjack (m) at 6-11-2013 04:06PM
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Super stories
-- wapgodz (m) at 6-11-2013 04:16PM
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If u like change am to leg print! Na u know. Me never chop today jaree

-- mary11 (m) at 6-11-2013 04:23PM
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Hope they re considering those that may have loose their fingers in 1 way or the other

-- Otinyia (m) at 6-11-2013 04:38PM
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when we don't have security intact,we re busy talking of finger prints in place of AT
-- donslmnstvn (m) at 6-11-2013 04:39PM
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Even dead body go stand up too come thumbprint too
-- dareper (m) at 6-11-2013 04:52PM
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That mean arm robbers go the command person to the thump print or I shot u
-- angesco (f) at 6-11-2013 04:54PM
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Appears criminals have cloned ATM cards to an extent that banks have made this decision.

Hope these same criminaks dont from February 2014 kidnap people and march them to cashpoints to  withdraw their money or even worse cut their fingers off for their prints!

$50m it will cost and still university students are at home- more misplaced priorities!
-- newtoncruz (m) at 6-11-2013 05:05PM
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-- funniggaz (m) at 6-11-2013 05:10PM
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Just think about it again pls,,,before thieves start cutting ppl fingers to cash money from ATM!! kidnpn will be past tense!!.!! think well!!
-- Wysetots (m) at 6-11-2013 05:41PM
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They should not even think about it.
-- osamabinladin (m) at 6-11-2013 05:48PM
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-- Slosh26 (m) at 6-11-2013 06:22PM
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I don't buy dis idea o
-- vantheo (m) at 6-11-2013 06:55PM
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your finger or ur life Roll Eyes

-- toibeli (m) at 6-11-2013 07:03PM
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For Sanusi, Is this High Tech Banking or MADNESS Huh?
-- winace (f) at 6-11-2013 07:06PM
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I don't like dis ideal. Anyway I don't use ATM, let me see if they won't give me my money anytime I sign my check,.
-- Senegal (m) at 6-11-2013 07:15PM
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-- cocoeni (f) at 6-11-2013 07:17PM
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confuse leaders....
-- cocoeni (f) at 6-11-2013 07:21PM
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confused leaders
-- jossy4reall (m) at 6-11-2013 07:54PM
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I never use atm and will never use finger the way na anoda way to chop money be dat,,$50m within few yrs dem go introduce anoda system....dem no dey consider the masses...I sure say sanusi no dey use atm card and definitely he no use finger print...rubishhh

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