gobe GBEWUDANI..lol, Guys, Would You Do This With Your Woman's Handbag?

Published 6 years ago by: asakula sunday
at 13-11-2013 04:46PM (6 years ago)

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Picture is Zoe Saldana and her sexy new husband Marco Perego in California last
Monday. The couple got married in a super secret ceremony in London, in June.
He's carrying her Chanel bag for her, which is so sweet of him... but it's on his

Would you carry your girl's handbag like this, guys? I know some of you will call it GBEWUDANI"


jossy4reall at 13-11-2013 09:46PM (6 years ago)
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she be her wife now,, no be girl friend

osarobo62 at 13-11-2013 10:22PM (6 years ago)
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most white men show off when they are tapping a black a*s.