3 Month Old Baby Bursts Into Flames Whenever He Sweats

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According to an August 11 report from CNN-IBN, a 3-month-old baby boy in Chennai, India suffers from Spontaneous Human Combustion, which is a rare condition that cases him to burst into flames. CNN-IBN reports that the baby boy known as Rahul suffers from what doctors are calling Spontaneous Human Combustion,
which causing him to randomly burst into flames. Doctors say this very rare condition causes the baby to emit combustible gases
when he sweats, and that those gases have caused him to spontaneously combust on four different occasions. Reports indicate
that Rahul first caught fire when he was just nine days old. Rahul's parents have been informed that there isn't a known cure for Spontaneous Human Combustion, and that doctors can
only treat his wounds. They also suggested that Rahul be kept away from inflammable substances and in a climate controlled
room to prevent him from sweating. The child's father, Karnan, told reporters that the family lost their home in one of the fires started by Rahul's rare condition.
He added that he believes the government should provide his family with proper shelter.

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Poster,..How many times u go post dis 1?
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Poster,..How many times u go post dis 1?
I doubt if there's any post like this tho... Either ways, sorry...

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