Jim Iyke Mobbed By Fans In Sierra Leone (Photos)

6 years ago by: bom boy
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Awww! Jim Iyke was mobbed by fans in Sierra Leone. Jim was in Sierra Leone for the recording of his reality show "Jim Iyke Unscripted"

Jim Iyke is more popular in other country than Nigeria... Nawa ooo, our celebrity dey shack them for other countries but dem no dey shack us here like this.

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ascandiuzzi (m) at 4-12-2013 02:31PM
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mary11 (m) at 4-12-2013 02:51PM
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He's suffering 4rm over popular

micc (m) at 4-12-2013 02:53PM
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cocoeni (f) at 4-12-2013 03:03PM
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Wysetots (m) at 4-12-2013 03:09PM
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ThoRam (m) at 4-12-2013 03:26PM
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cool  Cool Cool    
Pepesy (f) at 4-12-2013 03:37PM
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Gud for him... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
nobleladyG (f) at 4-12-2013 03:46PM
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Naija no send them bcos of their ego

angesco (f) at 4-12-2013 03:54PM
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So at last Sierra Leone is now at peace!

They need something like this to cheer them up - I don't think any other "foriegn" artiste would dare venture into the country.

However I wonder how many of them can name two facts about him. I think it they are there more out of curiosity than them being fans!

Sorry Jim!
amyportion (f) at 4-12-2013 04:06PM
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Daily Manna: Right Attitude In Trouble
Wednesday 04, December 2013
TEXT: ISAIAH 26:12-21
KEY VERSE: “LORD, in trouble have
they visited thee, they poured out a
prayer when thy chastening was
upon them” (Isaiah 26:16).
Charles Swindle once said, “The
remarkable thing is we have a choice
everyday regarding the attitude we
will embrace from that day. We cannot
change our past. We cannot change
the fact that people will act in a certain
way. We cannot change the inevitable.
The only thing we can do is play on the
one string that we have and the string
is attitude.”
In this prophetic song in our text about
the latter days, Isaiah prophesied what
the attitude of Judah will be in reaction
to the judgment of God in scattering
them among the nations. Judah had
lived in sin and God had visited them
with judgment, allowing their enemies
to take them into captivity. However,
in this song, Isaiah was hopeful that
Judah would eventually demonstrate
the right attitude by turning to God in
repentance. For this reason, they will
be saved from the onslaught of the
antichrist who will torment the world.
It is clear from the submission of Isaiah
that what is needed while in trouble
and perplexity is the right attitude.
Unfortunately, however, many people
portend an adamant attitude when
faced with God’s chastisement. Rather
than return to God, they choose to go
farther away from Him. Conversely, the
attitude of some others are even more
alarming when God shows undeserved
acts of mercy and kindness to them.
Rather than be grateful, they choose to
be contemptuous.
It is important for everyone to know,
as Swindle has noted, that we all have
a choice concerning the attitude and
course of action we adopt each day. A
positive attitude goes a long way to
determining an eventual end. It is
futile for anyone to fight his Maker.
How we need to humble ourselves and
wholly submit to God’s counsel even
while passing through divine
determines destiny.
joipita (f) at 4-12-2013 04:21PM
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And so?

Noble12 (m) at 4-12-2013 04:28PM
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kennynaija (m) at 4-12-2013 04:32PM
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where is the picture where he was mobbed Huh? Huh?

emekaeneh (m) at 4-12-2013 04:46PM
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For naija here we no even send am.                      Eneh say so via nokia 3310
slutsh09 (m) at 4-12-2013 05:02PM
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paulohking (m) at 4-12-2013 05:18PM
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see u guyz later Roll Eyes
dareper (m) at 4-12-2013 05:31PM
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I see
osamabinladin (m) at 4-12-2013 05:39PM
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gmarley (m) at 4-12-2013 06:05PM
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