Doctors begin nationwide strike December 18

Published On: December 16, 2013, 1:03 am
Author: Official GistMania
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Following expiration of the December 14 ultimatum to the Federal Government by the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, doctors in public health institutions across the country are withdrawing their services with effect from 8a.m. on Wednesday, December 18.

Making the development known in a communique issued after its National Executive Council, NEC, in Minna, Niger State, NMA President, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, and Secretary-General, Dr. Akpofuoma Pemu, said the decision was based on the extremely poor progress in the resolution of NMA’s demands.

Noting that the association was constrained to declare industrial action with effect from Wednesday, they explained that in recognition of the Yuletide and appeals of well-meaning Nigerians, the withdrawal of services in the first instance would be for a period of five days but would recommence after the Yuletide.

They said: “We call on members of the public and the media to bear with the association during this period of withdrawal of services.

“For over five months, NMA has engaged the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Health, Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation on issues bordering on some health sector challenges, workplace conditions and the conditions of service of doctors.”

Stating that the association had extended her ultimatum twice, they noted that their efforts to further engage the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Health (following the invitation of the Minister of Health to a meeting) even at the 11th hour, ultimately collapsed.

NMA accused the government of reneging on their agreement as they had failed to implement  the report of the Presidential Committee.

The statement said: “Since the report of the Presidential Committee was submitted to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, only the re-constitution and inauguration of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, MDCN, has been realised.”

-- enyiekere (m) at 16-12-2013 03:45AM
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 Huh? Another group of Boko H vs GJ administration.
-- Majfvy (f) at 16-12-2013 03:51AM
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Gobe. Doctors pls don't do dis consider d poor ones who don't hv money 2 fly abroad 4 medical treatment
-- Minister1 (m) at 16-12-2013 03:57AM
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Not again! what about the ones that can not afford the private clinic or Hospitals in Nigeria. This is dangerous.
-- toibeli (m) at 16-12-2013 03:58AM
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When two Elephants fight, the grass suffers.
-- ObyWBabaK (m) at 16-12-2013 04:41AM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked ShockedWhy? Wetin? How?
-- jossy4reall (m) at 16-12-2013 04:59AM
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Govt no dey take any matter wey concerned the common people serious until the whole world go hear am and begin put dia mouth...I tire for Nigeria ur country

-- geraldduruike (m) at 16-12-2013 05:16AM
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Honestly Real Gbege or Gobe..Man pikin done suffer for this country..Doctor to go Strike..Abeg..GEJ..try and answer they request we have the Money..
-- sharpiro (m) at 16-12-2013 05:49AM
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na watin we do for dis ple
-- sharpiro (m) at 16-12-2013 05:50AM
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na watin we do for dis ple
-- winace (f) at 16-12-2013 06:42AM
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Hmmmmmmmmmm doctor again. Ok o
-- angesco (f) at 16-12-2013 07:05AM
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NHS England and medical services in India - here we come!
-- muhammedho (m) at 16-12-2013 07:14AM
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wch kind country leaderz we get sef?
-- dickman2 (m) at 16-12-2013 07:24AM
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ok na.
-- Noble12 (m) at 16-12-2013 07:27AM
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-- emekaeneh (m) at 16-12-2013 07:33AM
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Anybody wey surpose to. Ans dem abeg ans dem o.                                                                                 Eneh say so via nokia 3310
-- ajanni (m) at 16-12-2013 07:37AM
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Quote from: enyiekere on 16-12-2013 03:45AM
Huh? Another group of Boko H vs GJ administration.
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
-- N_W_A (m) at 16-12-2013 07:54AM
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-- paulohking (m) at 16-12-2013 08:16AM
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hmmmmmmm Nigeria Roll Eyes I cry for my country  Cry
-- dareper (m) at 16-12-2013 08:31AM
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This is the sign of nigeria division comes 2014, up biafra!!!
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