"Nigeria Is A Country Known For ‘Terror, Death And Fraud"-US Blasts Mariah Carey

Published On: December 16, 2013, 2:55 pm
Author: Victor A. Ofoma
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"Nigeria Is A Country Known For ‘Terror, Death And Fraud" - US Blasts Mariah Carey For Performing In Nigeria

Seems the US media are not comfortable with Mariah Carey performing at a country they described as the “center of the world’s email financial crimes”.

A popular news site, Radar Online, had this to say on the performance;

    Mariah Carey proudly posted a pic of herself in a slinky yellow dress and wrote, “Backstage in Nigeria” on Saturday.

    But maybe the songbird should have done some homework before agreeing to the gig?

    Her show was at Access Bank’s Christmas Party which was also a farewell bash for the bank’s managing director.

    And while Access Bank is a reputable financial institution, should Carey have known a few basics about the African nation before taking the paycheck?

    Ironically — given that she was performing for bankers — it seems Carey wasn’t aware Nigeria is well-known as the center of the world’s email financial crimes! Nigeria is even part of the name — as in “Nigerian 411 Scams.”

    Nigeria is also, according to the United Nations, the hub of human trafficking as “a source, destination and transit country.

    AND, just for good measure, there are mass killings going on in two Nigerian states right now, and according to Human Rights Watch, the violence is being ignored by federal authorities.

 “Systemic corruption in the Nigeria Police Force” is the problem, a HRW spokesperson told CNN.

Carey isn’t the first performer who has taken a paycheck for appearing in countries known for terror, death and fraud''. 

*When will these people learn to stop bringing in foreign singers and paying them monies meant to save a nation? I dont believe Mariah was paid peanuts to travel into Nigeria with all the security risks issued out to them before they set foot in Nigeria!

Embarrassing that a Bank is involved in this.

Anyway they should issue a press release so that we will know what we need to know!

-- Gift9 (m) at 16-12-2013 03:04PM
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yex o
-- obamoscow (m) at 16-12-2013 03:05PM
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Na wa o
-- dickman2 (m) at 16-12-2013 03:11PM
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and so..
-- ThoRam (m) at 16-12-2013 03:25PM
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hmmm  Undecided Undecided  
-- gmarley (m) at 16-12-2013 03:27PM
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-- Chylove247 (f) at 16-12-2013 03:32PM
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For wetin nawh
-- BlueIxora (f) at 16-12-2013 03:50PM
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Is she planning to return the money they paid her? Mariah if you are planning to return the money tell me so that I can send you my bank details. Roll Eyes

Americans always act as if their country is paradise. Well its not. There are people shooting school kids in your country. There are people committing all sorts of crime in your country. So focus on your own crimes and leave other countries alone. And leave Mariah alone. Singing is her job.

None of this would have happened if Access Bank had given half of the chunk of cash they paid Mariah to Tiwa or Omawumi. Ndi oka mma na iro. Cool
-- IDOKOO (m) at 16-12-2013 04:01PM
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Demons of d world. US dat is full of Gay,Lesbians,Homo, & serial killers.lost angelis or lost angels ? DEVILS own COUNTRY.Nigeria is far beta than USA
-- emekaeneh (m) at 16-12-2013 04:01PM
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Na today yansh dey for back.                                     Eneh say so via nokia 33210
-- paulohking (m) at 16-12-2013 04:03PM
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wetin come be their own na Roll Eyes? chaiii American get wahala o Angry
-- longben (m) at 16-12-2013 04:07PM
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And that coming from a country that i the murder capital of the world?the some total of deaths ffrom the boko haram insurgency roughly equals the the numbers of murders commited in the usa every month.america,where kids eat their obesity-inducing hamburgers for breakfast and go to school to commit mass murder.america,the land of the maddoffs and ponzi schemes pointing fingers?america.home to the world largest  collection of "confidence"trickstars on wall street whose unbridled greed and criminal activities has brought the world to its financial knees?america,where the average joe thinks australia is the capital of europe.america,the dreamland of every drug-lord and dealer everywhere in the world in the world,an average of 70 thousand gruesome murders are commited in ciudad juarez,mexico alone by drug-lords and dealers fighting to cash in on the lucrative american illegal drugs market.i could go on and on.and the open their drug-infested mouths to talk trash ?
-- abdulwahid (m) at 16-12-2013 04:07PM
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Is president jonathan that cause all this nonsense. during the last UN summit,  he publicly told obama that if he want to fix the world, he has to fix africa, for him to fix africa he has to fix Nigeria.
This is bad, he underate nigerians in precence of obama
-- Wysetots (m) at 16-12-2013 04:18PM
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A few good words have been said about Nigeria....Do we blame them?
-- douyes (m) at 16-12-2013 04:33PM
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dis ppl dey craz american wey be home of drugs n gun running most of dos scammers re american bcuz dey av 9ja parents una dey talk rubbish
-- okebanty (m) at 16-12-2013 04:41PM
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I dey lauf uSa oooooooo,Devil own country.Gossip nation
-- reddish (f) at 16-12-2013 05:02PM
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Nigeria is stil our country no matter what.
-- longben (m) at 16-12-2013 05:06PM
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Quote from: Wysetots on 16-12-2013 04:18PM
A few good words have been said about Nigeria....Do we blame them?
Ban crack-cocain for a week and see how many americans including the ones running their dirty mouths will commit suicide.you will be surprised to see senior american politicians jonesing on live tv.
-- nmakwe (m) at 16-12-2013 05:21PM
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i am very happy to say this,cos the usa, r the evil in this world.talk about killing, they r number one.all sort of evil, r in their hand.homosexual,lesbian,evil cult,drug deal s.illumnati,freemanson.y r they pointing accusing finger on nigeria?the problem of nigeria is our government.and boko haram.wt again america,who can kill, or steal than the usa,please they can say wt ever.cos they only like satanic adventure.if say nigeria, is into homosex, or lesbian, they will saying good things about us.offspring s of the devil
-- ePeterJames (m) at 16-12-2013 05:51PM
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Quote from: IDOKOO on 16-12-2013 04:01PM
Demons of d world. US dat is full of Gay,Lesbians,Homo, & serial killers.lost angelis or lost angels ? DEVILS own COUNTRY.Nigeria is far beta than USA
which nigeria is far beta than US? u dey craze, mumu
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