BUSTED: EFCC Arrests Speaker of Kano House of Assembly, and 11 others

Published On: December 24, 2013, 3:54 pm
Author: Charles colins
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The EFCC Monday swooped on the Kano State House of Assembly and detained the Speaker of the House, Alh. Gambo Sallau, alongside principal officers in what the state government has described as a political assault on the state government following the mass defection of the State Governor, Engr. Rabiu Kwakwanso alongside several other key politicians in government positions to the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Arrested alongside the Speaker are the Deputy Speaker, Isyaku Ali Danja, the Chief Whip, Deputy Chief Whip, Majority Leader, Deputy Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Deputy Minority Leader, Chairman House Committee on Appropriation, Chairman House Committee on Finance and Clerk of the House. Continue...

A statement by the Government of Kano State said it noted with utter disappointment and surprise, the arrest of the officials.

The statement by the Director of Press and Public Relations to the state governor, Halilu Ibrahim Dantiye, stated that the public officials were apparently arrested in connection with the budget amendment of 2013 of the State Government, which has already been signed into law by the state governor, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso.

The statement added that the Speaker and his colleagues have only exercised their constitutional responsibilities of ensuring that budgets are properly articulated, to ensure probity and accountability in public expenditure, so that in the end, the citizens enjoy dividends of democracy.

“It is Chrystal clear that the above mentioned public officials were arrested by the EFCC on the orders from the above, because of the legislators’ defection to APC, in support of Governor Kwankwaso,” the government said, adding that “This action is obviously to intimidate and cow them into submission for choosing to move to the progressive fold. This action is not only despicable and absurd but also capable of igniting crisis in the polity, thereby breaching the relative peace that is being enjoyed in Kano state. It is regrettable that the EFCC is allowing itself to be a tool of witch-hunt in the hands of powers that be.”

THEWILL contacted the EFCC spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwajaren, to seek further information on why the officials were detained and the allegation of witch-hunt, he urged us to email our questions for a formal response.

Mr. Uwajaren’s had not responded to our questions as at the time of filing this report.

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dividends of democracy my ass, theres not a single gain/allowances 4 being a 4king 9ja citizen  Angry
-- Kingoflion (m) at 24-12-2013 05:58PM
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The state Government spokes person is very stupid to say that EFCC is been used as tool. The Efcc should do their work not minding any political propaganda. They violated the law and that is why they were arrested. They should face the law. Very simple even the Stupid Governor of Kano state should also be arrested as well. The northern citizens are mostly begging in the streets of the nation Nigeria and the useless spokes person is talking of dividends of democracy. Look at all the young boys in the north which are been used as suicide bombers because of poverty and no education. Atiku Abubakar has been in Government for a long period of time and he has not done any single thing is his state. Yet he is aspiring to be President of federal republic of Nigeria. Rubbish. Senator Nkume or what does he call himself, who was arrested for being a sponsor of boko harram terrorists, i do not know his way about. Have they killed that ape? Or is he enjoying freedom when the poor which he sponsored to be killed are gone. Any dog that bite the hands that feed it should be hanged. End of discussion.
-- dareper (m) at 24-12-2013 06:01PM
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Bar man! One more bottle of 33 beer, make my eyes doty jare. Cuz we want go see how them take born jesus
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Na them sabi
-- zoe61 (f) at 24-12-2013 08:57PM
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Alright !
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emekaeneh (826)
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Happy christmas
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Lets see how the judiciary responds to this challenge
That is the benefit of democracy

-- Hotblades (m) at 25-12-2013 04:22AM
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Na them sabi
-- SweetDaddy1 Online (m) at 25-12-2013 09:40AM
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Please Let EFCC do its Job... Grin
-- Wysetots (m) at 25-12-2013 11:53AM
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Looters !!
EFCC = A toothless Dog with a loud voice.
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Thieves they arrest thief...
-- paulohking (m) at 26-12-2013 02:12AM
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After dm go say dm dy fear God nd doin d will of d pple.mtweew