Beyonce Blasted On Twitter After Cropping Kelly Rowland Out of Photo With Aaliya

Published 6 years ago by: john Olamide
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at 20-01-2014 02:33PM (6 years ago)

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Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

Beyonce is receiving some tongue lash on Twitter and beyond after she cropped Kelly Rowland out of a photograph that the pair had once taken with the late singer .

Beyonce was accused of cropping out an image of Kelly Rowland in a photograph with Aaliyah.

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Aaliyah
Aaliyah died 12 years ago in a plane crash, but people like Beyonce and Rowland honored her memory on their social media pages on her recent Jan 16 birthday. While Rowland included both Beyonce and Aaliyah in her Instagram image, Beyonce cut her friend out of the image.

After looking at both images, a number of people took to Twitter to react.

“Kelly posts pic of Aaliyah, Beyonce sees pic, crops Kelly out and posts it,” one person noticed.

Another said, “Beyonce childish (SIC).”

F.Y.E music store even got in on the action with its official twitter page writing, “Way harsh, Bey! Our Royal Beyness committed some serious ‪#TBT‬ theft & crop.”

This is not the first time that Beyonce has been accused of “shading” Rowland.

Earlier this month an old video surfaced on the video sharing website Vine, where each of the four original Destiny’s Child group members which include LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett introduce themselves. When Rowland introduced herself, it seemed a young Beyonce was not happy with her statement.

“I’m the second lead vocalist of the group,” Rowland said in the old video, which has been circulating on Twitter and Vine without a specific date.

Beyonce’s reaction to the statement was a pointed look in Rowland’s direction and a well timed cough. People on Twitter could not resist commenting on the video, saying that
Beyonce “shaded” Rowland in the video clip.

“Beyonce’s reaction when Kelly calls herself the ‘second lead vocalist’ of DC is legendary shade,” one person tweeted.

Rowland has previously expressed her own annoyance about people comparing her to
Beyonce who she remains close friends with. The singer said she thinks it is insane when people try to hold her to the same standard as Beyonce.

“The world would be boring if we all did the same thing over and over again. And I don’t want to be on her (Beyonce’s) level,” Rowland said on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show last year. “I want my own. And Michelle wants her own. When people compare, it’s just so insane to me.”


gmarley at 20-01-2014 03:18PM (6 years ago)
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Gudguy4 at 20-01-2014 03:28PM (6 years ago)
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Gmarly ar u a child,cos only chlid do al dat
aso4life1 at 20-01-2014 03:39PM (6 years ago)
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Na dem sabi

BlueIxora at 20-01-2014 03:40PM (6 years ago)
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How do you expect her royalness to share a pic with two commoners at the same time? Do you know how exhausting that would be for her royal majest Sacha Fierce? Roll Eyes
iam_teehizik at 20-01-2014 05:08PM (6 years ago)
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Quote from: gmarley on 20-01-2014 03:18PM
congratulation numbskull. Please wen we'll you grow up, kinda childish. Where you trophy wey you win now? Mumu Lee
dareper at 20-01-2014 05:25PM (6 years ago)
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Maybe beyonce the claim big levels na, na their(women's) way
emekaeneh at 20-01-2014 05:38PM (6 years ago)
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When bitches bitch
Eneh say so via nokia 3310
emnoeasy at 20-01-2014 06:23PM (6 years ago)
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Quote from: iam_teehizik on 20-01-2014 05:08PM
congratulation numbskull. Please wen we'll you grow up, kinda childish. Where you trophy wey you win now? Mumu Lee
how is that your business Mr i too know? Huh? Huh? Huh?
zoe61 at 20-01-2014 06:24PM (6 years ago)
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their business
beneno at 20-01-2014 06:29PM (6 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
abah247 at 20-01-2014 06:42PM (6 years ago)
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winace at 20-01-2014 07:06PM (6 years ago)
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If Bey did dat she is wrong. And wats wit d deefing? Have u arrived. U are using Jay Z to climb d ladder if not u are nobody. Betrayar
micc at 20-01-2014 07:42PM (6 years ago)
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Na Them sabi Jare
HOPEA23 at 20-01-2014 07:51PM (6 years ago)
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Maybe kelly refused to join her group.

nmakwe at 20-01-2014 08:41PM (6 years ago)
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let me ask, who is that beyonce,is she a goddess?and so wt.
chicco77 at 20-01-2014 11:22PM (6 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
davidviolin at 20-01-2014 11:43PM (6 years ago)
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Quote from: gmarley on 20-01-2014 03:18PM

Dude, that is so lame
iam_teehizik at 20-01-2014 11:56PM (6 years ago)
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Quote from: emnoeasy on 20-01-2014 06:23PM
how is that your business Mr i too know? Huh? Huh? Huh?
shud be d 1 asking you dumbass. Abi na you be him advocator, u living ina dumbness, idiot. How is it ur business as well. Him no get hand to reply me.
rotawo at 21-01-2014 01:12AM (6 years ago)
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none of my beeswax just passing
beast of no nation
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