This Picture & Story About Maheeda's Past Would Definitely Make You Shed A Tear (Page 2)

Published On: February 8, 2014, 10:51 am
Author: Afolayon Masofunmomi
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-- winace (f) at 8-02-2014 01:52PM
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I can't shed tears pls
-- emmywonda (m) at 8-02-2014 02:05PM
(30 | Newbie)

Maheeda! N0 am0unt of excuse 4 ur unsocial behvr!...everybody's gat a st0ry 2 tel c0s lyf's n0t a bed of roses...xo ur own n0r b new tin! N ur irresp0nsibility ryt n0w is a shame on ur past n a disgrace 2 w0manh00d..underage boys dun c wetin u get finish!
-- mathzno (m) at 8-02-2014 02:13PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin All these Babes when dey run follow Oyibo rod all in the name of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, make una take time.
-- okilo101 (m) at 8-02-2014 02:27PM
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-- IDOKOO (m) at 8-02-2014 02:29PM
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If she hear my story, she go dash me all her proparty. she go even begin cry dey thank GOD say, she no no say, another person wahala stil pass her own. she go widraw money give me, if she here my own.
-- cocoeni (f) at 8-02-2014 02:53PM
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Abi ooo Grin Grin
-- osarobo62 (m) at 8-02-2014 03:00PM
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who get kleenex?... Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry i am crying please.
-- Wysetots (m) at 8-02-2014 03:10PM
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-- beubaba (m) at 8-02-2014 04:31PM
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I don cry tire since I read dis Hahahahaha mad girl olosho, ashana , ayangba
-- maryclaret (f) at 8-02-2014 04:37PM
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Yea I know she must have gone through a lot but exposing her body the way she is doing doesn't make up for all she went through. Rather, it makes all her suffering meaningless if she wants to act like she is going back to the life she fought to leave. The explicit exposure and disrespectful way in which she portrays herself isn't helping her....and her daughter....wish her well though...

-- zoesophia (f) at 8-02-2014 05:08PM
(16 | Newbie)

Quote from: richiestone on  8-02-2014 11:33AM
Why would you be in the street in europe? Unless you are ill responsible and drug addict!
Anyhow regardless what she has been she need to wear some clothes on,

SHE IS LYING, My kids are 100% Africans but i was not allow to be on the street! Not with a child under 18 years! And if you decided to make quik money on the street there are different structure to keep kids, also shelters for single mom!

-- love_lifey (m) at 8-02-2014 06:59PM
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how does that justify your current behaviour and Nood pictures? Ashawo internet.
-- ndujasper (m) at 8-02-2014 07:09PM
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they say, experience is the best teacher...but i don't think u learned any lession from ur past cos u hvnt got any gud example to show ur beloved daughter Embarrassed Embarrassed
-- gbojac (m) at 8-02-2014 07:26PM
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Why shall tears comot, you got pikin outta wedlock doing ashawo for Lagos street and now you wanna corrupt young boys and girls because you don join illuminati yet you want people pity you and dey shed tears for your life,,,, you too much
-- DRraze (m) at 8-02-2014 07:46PM
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I laff hard! I believe ur story is jst an inch of an iceberg where other pple are. Your story is jes learning
-- DRraze (m) at 8-02-2014 07:46PM
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I laff hard! I believe ur story is jst an inch of an iceberg where other pple are. Your story is jes learning
-- zoe61 (f) at 8-02-2014 07:55PM
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every body has a story to tell
-- MagNice (f) at 8-02-2014 07:59PM
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Too harsh,too judgemental & full of condemnation.Maheeda pele.
-- trapheal (m) at 8-02-2014 08:19PM
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crying....  NO...
but seen!
-- reddish (f) at 8-02-2014 08:24PM
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stil trying to cry
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