5 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for a Date at Home

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Are you a busy person, couldn't find a a babysitter or planning a last minute Valentine's day date? Try some of the following ideas in the comfort of your home:

Picnic in the living room - With a few purchases from the grocery store you can have a great date. Grab a few items such as fresh fruit, a drink of your choice, some caviar or other spread, french bread, flowers, chocolate, etc. Lay a blanket in the middle of the living room to set up your picnic, light a couple of candles, and put flowers in a vase.

Watch a movie or play video games - Watching a movie with your sweetheart is always a great way to connect and relax. Choose a movie that you both enjoy. A love story is always a great choice, or you can decide on the movie together by playing a game where you both choose one movie and then have the other guess which movie it is by providing clues. Make popcorn and enjoy the date. Playing video games together is a great way to connect with your sweetheart and catch up on some video games you haven't played in awhile.

Grilling and relaxing on the back porch - Cooking together is enjoyable and relaxing as it gives both of you time to take it easy. You can make your own dinner at home without having to make reservations to a restaurant. This way you can enjoy a quiet dinner together.

Look at old pictures together - Snack and look at your pictures together and the memories you made as a couple over the years. You may even put a scrap book together. If you don't have many memories yet, take silly pictures and talk to each other about the fun times you already had together. Chocolate and other fun snacks are a must as well as your favorite songs playing in the background.

Fashion show and dancing - Plan a short fashion show where you can try your best dresses and outfits (for guys) and make a runway in the hallway. When you both found your favorite outfits, dance the night away.

You can use these ideas for other date nights as well. To make Valentine's Day romantic do not forget the flowers, chocolates and little things you both enjoy. You may even have little surprise gifts for each other. Have a nice and romantic Valentine's Day!

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