Youtube Deletes Olu Maintain's “Enuff Efizzi” Video

Date: 15-02-2014 7:51 am (6 years ago) | Author: Juliet Lindsay
- at 15-02-2014 07:51 AM (6 years ago)

In what could be called the most expensive music video by a Nigerian Artist, Olu Maintain's ' Enuff Efizzi' which this writer reviewed two days ago has been deleted by Youtube. According to Youtube, the content of the video violated their terms of service.

Like this writer stated in the review, Olu's 'Enuff Efizzi' was a very unusual music video. The entire scenes of the said video did not match the accompanied audio. When you have a 4/4 tempo tune where one would have expected him to showcase our culture through this video, he opted like he did in his last video to fool around with an unlit cigar, wearing chains inside a jacuzzi , the entire concept to me doesn't make any sense. Viewers also saw Olu having a deep kiss with one of the models. It was also disgusting seeing him with unshaven armpit while he tries to portray a clean outlook.

Now, my personal opinion above may not be the reason why his multi-million project was deleted. The melody of the said song was composed off a bass line of a popular song that made waves in the 80's which I also mentioned in my write up. Olu quickly deleted my review on his timeline as soon as he read my remarks.

In the past, an artist could buy a Youtube views and gets away with it, Youtube now has a mechanism that makes it practically impossible for you to try that scam which made many musicians overnight 'stars'. This video by Olu Maintain is what I will call a lost opportunity. Olu really raised the bar in that video. The picture quality is second to none. The models, locations were all carefully selected. Olu's 'Enuff Efizzi's video is a display of affluence,flaboyancy as most acts abroad do in their video. Why Youtube used a sledge hammer on it, might not be un connected with what I stated above.

In all, Olu can still re-edit and repost that video, abiding by Youtube guidelines. If he fails to do so, the entire millions of naira spent in making that video will be a waste. Olu may never recover from the shock. I wish this local based bro, the best of luck .

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