How I Discovered Many Years Later That My Wife’s Boss Is Father Of 'Our' Son''

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Nigeria; A man in Ekiti who is seeking the end of his 25-year-old marriage has revealed how he discovered that he was not father of his wife’s 4th child. 57-year-old Isaac Jemibola has petitioned a Customary court sitting in the Ikole area of the state to dissolve his marriage to 48-year-old Olayemi due to adultery on her part. According to Mr. Jemibola, his wife confessed to the illicit affair which took place in 2002 and further told him that the fourth child wasn’t his but was instead fathered by her former boss. "She confessed to have had an extramarital affair with her former boss which resulted in the pregnancy of the fourth child. My wife said she had given her life to Christ and that her desire to make heaven made her confess based on the advice from her pastor. She added that the paternity of the fourth child was in doubt since both the boss and I slept with her the same week," he said. Jemibola further told the court that he reported the matter to his parents who pleaded with the woman to reverse her confession. "She however insisted that she was following the dictates of the Bible. I purposely don’t want to do the DNA test because I don’t want to hate the child." he said. Olayemi admitted committing the offence, but kicked against dissolution of the marriage. "I did it because Jemibola was befriending another woman during the period which made him abandon me for almost six months. It was that same period that my former boss, who normally took me to work in his car, made love advances at me. Both men made love with me at almost the same period. After some years, I discovered that the child looked quite different from his siblings and out of guilt, I decided to tell him the truth. “I pleaded for his forgiveness but he refused," Olayemi said. In her ruling, the court president, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, adjourned the hearing to April 7.

festusmandy at 16-02-2014 12:46PM (6 years ago)
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pls forgive this woman becus from look of things is like she love you more now that's y she told u the truth
winace at 16-02-2014 01:27PM (6 years ago)
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Hmmmmm wat do I say?  I don't kn wat to say.
Afrogotojail at 16-02-2014 01:38PM (6 years ago)
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It can't get more complicated than this
osarobo62 at 16-02-2014 02:14PM (6 years ago)
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how did he abandon you for 6 months and yet made love to you at the same time your boss did?
Chylove247 at 16-02-2014 02:54PM (6 years ago)
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Hmmmm. Speechless
felaman at 16-02-2014 07:55PM (6 years ago)
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Good husband good wife
escapedprince at 17-02-2014 05:07AM (6 years ago)
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kick her out of the house with the bastard child !!!
yettyness at 17-02-2014 09:21AM (6 years ago)
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Let's see what happens.