D’banj paid to appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta as Kenya Moore’s boyfriend?

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at 17-02-2014 07:07AM (6 years ago)

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Former Miss USA and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, who claims she’s dating an Africa prince and was in Lagos for Valentine, has hired D’banj to be her boyfriend in the reality show reunion show.

Here is the report from MediaTakeOut

MediaTakeOut.com just received some extra steaming hot tea surrounding Kenya, and the upcoming Real Housewives reality show.

We spoke exclusively to a Bravo insider that told us that Bravo has just set up taping for the reunion everyone is scheduled to attend, each lady and their husband.

And we’re told that while Porsha does not have a guest/husband, Kenya Moores will be bringing a guest. Word is she wants to help secure her spot for another season so she has in fact hired an African prince.

According to another person close to Kenya, she has contracted to bring in Nigerian singer D’Banj to the reunion. And by “contracted” we mean a business deal . . . she has hired him to pretend to be her boyfriend. D’Banj is a popular singer in Nigeria, and he and Kenya have done appearances together before – but they are not in any kind of relationship . . . and he did not buy her any type of car.

Kenya promised D’Banj $40K, plus promotion, to LIE on TV and pretend to be her boyfriend, D’banj happens to be the African Prince now,  anyway i don’t see anything wrong in paying someone to date you or being paid to be dated, that’s the real thing….
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winace at 17-02-2014 08:10AM (6 years ago)
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Poster is dat how u get ur men? Do u pay them to date u? Na question o. Anyway Dbanj enjoy nothg do u. Be master for dat kin thg 
Chylove247 at 17-02-2014 10:03AM (6 years ago)
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Ok nah
ObyWBabaK at 17-02-2014 10:42AM (6 years ago)
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 Lips Sealed
DrSoba at 17-02-2014 10:45AM (6 years ago)
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Part 1 waiting for part 2
dareper at 17-02-2014 11:12AM (6 years ago)
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okilo101 at 17-02-2014 01:05PM (6 years ago)
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Topsylucas at 17-02-2014 01:29PM (6 years ago)
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Nice 1
BlueIxora at 17-02-2014 02:33PM (6 years ago)
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kingcalors at 17-02-2014 03:14PM (6 years ago)
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Dont understand d trash ur blabing. Pls post something dat makes sense. This is total rubbish besides its no news.
cocoeni at 17-02-2014 03:32PM (6 years ago)
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ok noted.
gbojac at 17-02-2014 04:14PM (6 years ago)
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Why ?
zoe61 at 17-02-2014 09:09PM (6 years ago)
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 Cool Cool
Larry28 at 17-02-2014 09:27PM (6 years ago)
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Lips sealed
justomag at 17-02-2014 10:23PM (6 years ago)
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keep hiring 9ja guyz....... dem bad Ooooh................
u go carry last madam................
kevostick at 18-02-2014 06:17AM (6 years ago)
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Story story...... story  Roll Eyes
richcash61 at 18-02-2014 07:01AM (6 years ago)
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hey..na person wa get money go die batter ooo...see bosom ...#able God# money is needed oooo!
Shegzan at 18-02-2014 07:27AM (6 years ago)
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Abusiddiq at 18-02-2014 01:19PM (6 years ago)
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so what?Huh?Huh??
orekiata at 18-02-2014 02:37PM (6 years ago)
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no problem
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