Wizkid Accused of Stealing "ELEDUMARE" From An Upcoming Artist

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I got an email from a Naijamayor.com reader who claims Wizkid stole the hit song ELEDUMARE from him. I decided to share his mail here just in case.

Hi mayor boss my name is precious archibong aka mamzy diamonds, am from akwa ibom state am 20yrs old, I live in lagos .

my friends and many people say I should send you and Email concerning my story that you will help me pubish this because the are waiting to this this on your blog. Pls what about to say is the real truth between me and God.

One the 3rd of December 2013 i went to club with my friend at lekki the place. For a chilling. It was fun later I saw one of the nigeria best artist WIZKID he also came for chilling too. So I was very happy to see him since he is my best artist and the one I will wish to work with , after much dance and an fun I was watching him closely because he came with his bouncers and friends and getting to meet and speak with him will be hard. As God will make it he left his friends and headed to the rest room I followed him since no one went with him because it was an opportunity to talk to him .

I approach him greeted me he answered me very fine I was happy. He then wanted to go out after he was done and I ask him to please hear me out for some minute he then told me I what the problem so I told him that I have a song which I intend working with him he then told me I would have spoken to his manager I told him I know but I know it will be hard for me if I talk to his manager I begged him that this a great chance for me . After that I then accepted and ask me which genre of song do I want to him to work with me I told him it an afro pop .

I laugh and told me he will like to hear the concept of the song and the chorus before knowing what to say next I narrated the concept and started singing the chorus to him , he then told me to excuse him he brought out his phone and was operating it after he was done he told me to start again an be bold because he don’t work with people without confidence . I. Apologize and continue singing after singing the chorus I also sang my verse and the hook so he will be sure it a nice song , after I have finish he told me it a nice song that I should keep it up to be myself not to be using his kind of voice I laugh an told him boss I really like u and that why I want to be like you.

He told me to give my number to maleek berry before the go so he will call me so we. Can talk about the collaboration because he will be very busy this month. I then beg him that he may forget to take the number from maleek berry that he should just take it for himself he then he ask me to called the number for him I did I didn’t know weda he stored it because he dial the number on his phone and told me he may give me a call when ever he is free and ready to work with me.
Wizkid & precious archibong aka mamzy diamonds
Wizkid & precious archibong aka mamzy diamonds

I thank him we went to the into the club and I ask weda I can take some pics with him I told me sure That was all for then. I started expecting his calls not until 30 of December when my friend told me to hear wizkid new song title ELEDUMARE he was laughing I listen to the song all I could hear was part of chorus and the verse I sang for him for him at the club I was shocked and but I was still hoping he had gud plans for me since he used my song hoping he will call me but no avail, so my friend told me just of recent I should fight for what belong to me I told him how can I win when I don’t have any evidence he then told me to go do my own version so I can fight for what is mine.
But I told him I will not even do that even if I intend telling Nigeria about the story I know it will be hard to convince the people and his fans but I will just try my best so I can also hear it himself and his mind should judge him for what he did. So I decided to post a short story of how he stole wizkid stole my song on Facebook and twitter With the picture we took together.

I had plenty of comment and criticism about the Stuff I posted. And almost all my Facebook, twitter, some friends advise me to write a message to MAYOR BOSS that the believe in you and your blog that you can help me publish this story all over at your own capacity and Said I should try maybe you may believe in my story and help me .my main aim of doing this is to make and tell the upcoming artist like me to be careful on how the sing their song which the haven’t recorded to super stars thinking the are doing the best thing. because this super stars thinks the Are superior and can use or talent to make money for them self and we can’t do then nothing because the are stars

Between me and God this is true pls help me and God will bless you.

Source: http://naijamayor.com/14-year-old-boy-locked-up-in-iyaganku-cell-in-ibadan-for-over-5-years/

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Hahaha I lauff in chinese song wey don reign pass nana u dey kum yan if is truly urz sue his ass or go and ?
-- Lugilove (m) at 19-02-2014 11:54AM
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wizkit eh! what is bad if you do the collabo wit am den giv am small share afterall if he had dat small talent he could do more
-- afanzytea (m) at 19-02-2014 12:03PM
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Sorry guy, people like him is everywhere, they tramp on others to be succesfull, anyways your time will come kip pushing.
-- Princess4God (f) at 19-02-2014 04:09PM
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No comment
-- Wysetots (m) at 19-02-2014 07:33PM
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