Kate Henshaw Got Angry Over Blackout At Murtala Mohammed Int. Airport

Published On: February 20, 2014, 2:07 pm
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«§» 20 February 2014

Star actress Kate Henshaw was at Murtala Mohammed International Airport on in the night of February 18, 2014, Tuesday, when a total blackout occurred there.

Nollywood diva got infuriated by the development. Moreover, she was complaining about the dirty state of the Vaccination office, the lights went off.

Kate took her Twitter handle to express disgust. See her tweets below and some of the photos from the scene:

“Some places have their inverters on!! Na wa ooo!!! I hear arrival and departure are at stand still!! It is so ooo hot!!

“Who is in charge ooo??? Make una put light on for Intl Airport!!

“Now we are in total darkness at the Intl Airport! It's going on 20mins now!! Great! Just great!

“The Vaccination room at the international airport!! Ho there for ur so called yellow card pls!!

“The Minister of Health needs to go there himself! He needs to make sure that room is relocated to a more hygienic area!! # Intl Airport

“How can the vaccination room b located close to the refuse dump of the whole airport??Again the Fed Min of Health is definitely NOT healthy!

“Passengers sweating profusely be cos no ventilation and the whole place stinks badly!! This is where vaccination occurs!!”