Could This Be Why Tonto Dikeh Is At War With Mercy Johnson?

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That Mercy Johnson is the hottest and most sought after actress in Nollywood is not questionable.

That Mercy Johnson is a better actress than Tonto Dikeh is not contestable.

That Mercy Johnson is sexier than Tonto is not also contestable. That Tonto Dikeh doesn’t hide her jealousy for Mercy is not questionable as well.

Everybody knows that Tonto Dikeh doesn’t hide her hatred for Mercy Johnson, she even refused to attend Mercy Johnson’s wedding then and even told some of her close colleagues not to attend the wedding.

Well, one thing you may not know is that scripts rejected by Mercy Johnson are either forwarded to Tonto Dikeh or to other actresses. That’s the main reason why Tonto Dikeh is jealous of Mercy.

Another reason is because Mercy is married with a kid while Tonto is yet to get hooked to a serious guy that would take her to the alter.
Another reason why Tonto is jealous of Mercy is because Producers and fans prefer Mercy to her.

No wonder Tonto felt threatened when Mercy Johnson indicated her interest to return back to set after 6 months of delivery, which made her tweet about Mercy’s return. Her sarcastic tweets couldn’t hide her obvious jealousy of her talented colleague and mother of one, Mercy Johnson Okojie.


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Make forget mata wey don pass, why dig out fresh sours eh..
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tonto let bye gone b bye gone na