Cameroon Announces Size Of The Contingent To Team Up With Nigeria In Joint War

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Cameroon would deploy 700 soldiers to its north-eastern border as part of a regional force to tackle armed groups, in particular, Boko Haram.
This has been confirmed by the Defence Minister of Cameroon, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, on March 20, 2014, Thursday.
At a two-day meeting in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, defence ministers from the six-nation Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) agreed to establish the multinational force to improve security in the zone.
Ngo’o said more specific features of the multinational force would be unveiled at an upcoming summit in the capital city of Niger, Niamey, later this year.
“Cameroon has decided to provide a contingent of 700 soldiers for this unit of the LCBC. But, we believe, each country should keep its troops within its own borders,” the minister said.
The Executive Secretary of the LCBC, Sanusi Imran Abdullahi, urged countries-members to take prompt action, so that the multinational force would restore and maintain order in the region.
The infiltration of Boko Haram militants into Cameroon’s Far-North region, which they use as base for attacks in Nigeria, has led to mounting insecurity. Insurgents are believed to be hiding among an influx of refugees from Nigeria.
It would be recalled that a Cameroonian soldier was killed in February 2014 by suspected Boko Haram militants in Fotokol in the Far-North region, close to the border with Nigeria.
This area has also become a crossroads for weapons trafficking to Nigeria, Sudan and Central African Republic. For istance, Cameroonian armed forces arrested a man attempting to smuggle 655 guns to Nigeria in January.
The LCBC was created in 1964 by the four countries bordering Lake Chad – Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria – and was later joined by Central African Republic and Libya.
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I hope they will not serve as escorts to BH and their weapons.