God Can Still Give Me Another Wife –– Ebenezer Obey

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 Evangelist Obey Fabiyi who turned 72 recently shares some life experiences in this interview with Punch's ADEOLA BALOGUN. Checck out some interesting excerpts below:
It is often said that anything after 70 years is bonus. How do you feel at 72?
Well, at 72, I want to first and foremost give thanks to God Almighty who made it possible for me to be alive. It’s the wondrous work of God and at 72, I feel great. I am a very happy person because the Lord has been so good to me, and I thank God for who he is because he’s been my all in all and he has seen me through different phases of life: from the time I was born, to when I started talking, schooling and working. I also thank him for bringing out the gift in me and establishing me as a star. I feel great and happy – and I can’t even thank him enough.

When you started the special appearances, people thought maybe Obey was probably broke.
I’ve said it and I am still saying it. There are two things we have to define here; what do we actually need here on earth? We don’t need all the vanities of this world, yet God created them so that we could be comfortable. All my needs, God has already provided. I don’t worry myself. I’m at peace with my God. When I clocked 70, I said, “Father, I give you all glory.” When I look back, all I say is “Father, thank you.” There are no more rivers for me to cross; I am not running after anything. I have put my life in God’s hands. So, who says I’m broke? It’s because they don’t know the God I’m serving. The God I’m serving is a good provider. I have come to realise God is faithful, so there’s no running helter-skelter.

Do you still miss your wife?

Oh, there’s no way I won’t miss her. But I know she’ s gone to be with the Lord. My wife would have been 69 years old on March 24 if she was alive. We would have been expecting to celebrate her 70th birthday next year. But the Lord is a good Lord. On March 23, we had my first great granddaughter. My granddaughter gave birth to my first great granddaughter and I am clocking 72 in a few days. So, we are in a thanksgiving mood.

How do you cope without a woman in the house?
There is nothing God cannot do. He is able to take care and be in charge of everything. I am not lonely. Immediately my wife went to be with the Lord, my son and his wife moved here. So with my grandchildren around me and people taking care of me, I feel great.

What of getting married again?
At 72, I can’t start looking for a wife. I’m well taken care of and occupied. I am not lonely and I doubt whether any woman would be able to cope with my busy lifestyle. My late wife got used to it and for years, she was able to take care of our home.

Or you are afraid of what people will say?
Afraid? Can someone of my age be afraid of what anybody will say? Let people say whatever they want to say, I have my life to live. I’ve not given marriage a thought and that’s the truth. I’m busy in the church, with mentoring and special appearances. By the Grace of God, I’m oganising a crusade to celebrate my 72nd birthday.

People thought if Pastor Kumuyi could marry another wife after he lost his wife as a church leader, you too could follow in his footsteps.It is a thing of choice. It’s the Holy Spirit that leads every church leader. What Pastor Kumuyi did is a very good thing. I don’t feel like doing that and I’m happy. Apart from that, no woman can cope with my schedule. Well, God can do anything; he can provide someone to take her place, you can’t rule that out because we are still alive and well.

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