BREAKING NEWS! A ZONKEY (Half Donkey, Half Zebra) was just born, So Beautiful

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Funny the things that keep unravelling, this time its a zonkey which brings about this PSA.
A zonkey is a thing! We repeat: a zonkey is a thing that exists in our world! This is not a Harry Potter drill, this is real animal.
This donkey-zebra hybrid was not bred in some laboratory run by an evil scientist who manically laughs while lighting strikes behind him. The way this animal came about is actually quite sweet.
The Reynosa Zoo in Northern Mexico has a zebra named Rayas, and she used to visit her friend Ignacio, a dwarf, blue-eyed albino donkey that lived on an adjacent farm. Well, obviously these two went from friends to more than friends because soon enough, Khumba the calf was born!

This is not the first zonkey to ever be created, but it's definitely one of very few. Zoo officials say that the half donkey, half zebra is extremely rare as zebra chromosomes and donkey chromosomes are not compatible.

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Wonders sha