Businessman takes to the streets to beg for workers for his landscaping company

Published On: May 15, 2014, 11:15 pm (6 years ago)
Author: kold

A Washington man has been hitting up intersections in Yakima with a sign asking for help with something – but it isn't money.
Instead of begging for cash, Lance Forsee is seeking workers to fill up five vacant spots at Colonial Lawn and Garden, his landscaping business.

Rather than advertise his job openings online or in the newspaper, Forsee feels it's more effective to go out and try to find people himself.

"We're thinking outside the box - actually using a box to get the message out," Forsee told KIMA News. "It's a more relaxed environment, and they're not on the hot seat, I am, so to speak."

Forsee has used this tactic in the past and he told the station it did result in a hiring. It has also been effective this time around as people have been stopping by at Colonial Lawn to fill out applications. "They put, 'Saw a guy on the street corner with sign,' for reference," he said.


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Lol bring am enta naija
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