Domestic Violence: Blessing Isanbora Was Shot By Younger Sister's Boyfriend

6 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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-- (m) at 16-05-2014 03:28PM

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Blessing Isanbor a victim of domestic violence. Shot at close range in the face by her younger sister's policeman boyfriend! She had surgery 2day after waiting 2yrs. I believe God for a successful surgery and her full recovery.. She will need to have her jaw reconstructed amongst other things...

19-year old Blessing Isanbor who was shot in the face at close range by her younger sister’s policeman boyfriend, Corporal Emmanuel Okujo at their parents’ home in Bariga has been operated upon today, after two years that she was shot. According to reports Blessing was trying to protect her younger sister who was 17 then and they had a mom who was helpless because she was a widow.

After the incident Blessing told Journalists, ‘he shot to kill me, even though my sister is pregnant for him and will have children for him, the law should run its full course’.  A picture of blessing after the cut when she was first shot. But she still needs to have her jaw reconstructed amongst other things.

-- dareper (m) at 16-05-2014 03:56PM
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Chai, that's one of the atrocities committed by our dear police. Still they re still telling us.."Police is your friend"
-- dareper (m) at 16-05-2014 03:59PM
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I guess the police man is as free as an innocent man by now, walking in the street freely with all impunity like say.. "Noting dey happen"
-- dickman2 (m) at 16-05-2014 04:03PM
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 Sad Sad Sad
-- winace (f) at 16-05-2014 04:06PM
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I hope d policeman is in jail cus I kn police usually hide their incompetent personel wen Þhey commit crime.
-- ngfineface (f) at 16-05-2014 04:08PM
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Not so sure this gist is true. The report is not well prepared
-- gmarley (m) at 16-05-2014 04:11PM
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things they happen ooo
-- spartanman (m) at 16-05-2014 04:24PM
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Hw true
-- karr (m) at 16-05-2014 04:41PM
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nigerian police is barstard people. and no friend to anybody,Nigerian police is not my friend.
-- schmit (f) at 16-05-2014 04:48PM
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Dis is serious
-- graceoneday (m) at 16-05-2014 06:11PM
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A hungry mob is an angry mob. but the meek in heart gona dance Reggae music dance. Ms Blessing, just forget ur weakness & dance. God lives
-- osamabinladin (m) at 16-05-2014 06:13PM
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-- angesco (f) at 16-05-2014 06:14PM
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Another TRIGGER HAPPY Nigeria police officer.

If he had been aiming at a criminal he would most definitely have MISSED!
-- okonkwosangel (f) at 16-05-2014 06:54PM
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Na wa ooo
-- Wysetots (m) at 16-05-2014 07:00PM
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I hope that fool in black is in jail.
-- christianity (m) at 16-05-2014 07:09PM
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wazt a con3,always bad news.
-- queenbabe (f) at 16-05-2014 07:23PM
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-- paulohking (m) at 16-05-2014 08:08PM
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Roll Eyes
-- gentlefelix (m) at 16-05-2014 08:25PM
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when u hand a weed smoker and criminal in security operative uniform guns,something like this is what happens.
-- beneno (m) at 16-05-2014 08:35PM
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nawa ooooooo  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
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