My Marriage Wasn’t A Secret & I Didn’t Marry My Former Wife’s Cousin - Zaaki Azz

Published On: June 3, 2014, 8:04 am
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Zaaki Azzay has denied marrying his former wife’s cousin, stating that they are only from the same Local Government. He also said his marriage was not in any way a secret because he granted exclusive coverage to HipTv and reporters from Radio Benue were also present. The wedding took place three weeks ago. What he told The Nation;

 “As a public figure, everybody knows my story. It is on the Internet. My present wife’s family has looked into the matter critically and found out that most of what was said about me was not true.  Apart from this, Hembadoon is not someone who doesn’t know her right from her left. She is a graduate of Benue State University.
There is no way I could have married from the same local government, where my ex-wife comes from. I mean I couldn’t have married from my ex-wife’s village, if I wasn’t innocent of all that my ex-wife accused me of. With time, the truth will be revealed.”

When asked why he married another wife from the same village where his ex comes from, he said: “When I started dating my present wife, I didn’t know that she was from the same community with my former wife. I had vowed never to touch anybody who doesn’t love me sincerely because I didn’t want to fall into the wrong hands again. But when I eventually fell in love seriously, I knew. I have met a lot of women who are finer, richer and more educated than she is, but I know that they are just after me for one thing or the other. So, it is love that actually joined us. In fact, when I found out that she is from that community, I almost ran away. But eventually, I decided that I won’t maltreat another woman because one woman has wronged me. You shouldn’t let your past influence your future. I didn’t marry secretly. Radio Benue was there and I gave Hip TV exclusivity to cover it.”


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