Floyd Mayweather says half-naked women deserve to be disrespected

(m) at 15-06-2014 08:04AM (5 years ago)

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Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather says women should dress the way they want to be treated and if she shows half of her body, then she deserves to be disrespected. He shared his thoughts on the matter on his instagram page. I know a lot of men and some women will agree with him but I think it's silly. Your respect for anyone shouldn't depend on their attire...

Floyd is always surrounded by scantily dressed groupies, is he saying he mistreats them? I think women should cover up as much as they can and leave some things to the imagination, but we are not all the same and some like to show off skin. It doesn't mean they deserve to be disrespected based on that alone. But who agrees with him?

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