Help! I Caught My Wife Cheating On Me With A Vibrator On Our Matrimonial Bed (Page 4)

Published 5 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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ngfineface at 23-06-2014 09:43AM (5 years ago)
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demck at 23-06-2014 01:25PM (5 years ago)
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Sorry u are been affected by it, and it is obvious u don't know d woman u married. But since you're a Christian, instead seeking for advice from people, why don't take d matter to God who has all d answers. Also, u need to put in more effort in ur marriage and try to satisfy her sexually since she told u she does not get satisfaction when makin love with u. I hate to say she was a "L" & since she cannot cheat on u with another woman she decides to do it with d toy. Ur wife needs counselling & deliverance.
RAAMA at 23-06-2014 03:37PM (5 years ago)
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I do not see any problem here. join her and use the vibrator on her during  the next love making and u will see how much love she will add to family. some men buy vibrator for their wives to be able to reach orgasm because most women do not reach orgasm unless u do it in a specific way which no man can do . this occurrence is nothing new and is no news
amybabes at 24-06-2014 09:59AM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: zoe61 on 21-06-2014 02:45PM
lazy man u better wake up and do ur work well

I don't understand how ppl think most times. Wetin concern this talk with Laziness?
Anyway , I think  its really a serious problem . This lady in question started sex life with this machine. No matter how hard  the husband try satisfying her on bed, she will never get it from her husband, because. She is used to the machine.
Its just like masturbation . I know a friend who started with masturbation , all in d name of remaining a virgin till marriage, wen she finally marry to a man who got all it takes to take a woman to the third heaven"winks" he is romantic and got a good size of d tool according to her, but no matter what he does, she will never be moved as in satisfaction. When d man leaves , she will always go back and do d one she is used to.
Actually when she told me about it , I told her that its only prayer that can revive her.

So, poster , I will give you the same advice , it is not your fault. Just tht she started it d wrong way.
I read some asking poster if he did not notice it during courtship. D post istoo long , but try andread it well and answerd question ur self.
May God hear ur prayer as u ask for help from him. 
elchymo at 26-08-2015 05:54PM (4 years ago)
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Chai, maybe ur willie is small
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