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A 38-year-old Simon Oda who hails from Ebonyi State, allegedly murdered his 35-year-old friend Mathias Agashi, following a dispute over a piece of land.
The unfortunate incident occurred at Nwankwo Amuda Market, on June 8, 2014, despite efforts by community elders to resolve the dispute over the land between Oda and Agashi.
According to the Ebonyi State Com­mssioner of Police, Mr Maigari Dikko, the victim, Agashi went to the farm in dispute at about 4.30pm on June 8, 2014 with four knives, which planned to use in clearing the bush. Not long after, the suspect Oda, also came to the same farm. The moment he saw the Agashi working on the farm, he flared up and confronted the victim, and the duo exchanged hot words.

As tempers rose, Dikko said Oda at one point grabbed Agashi’s bag con­taining the knives, took one of them and stabbed him in the neck. Agashi fell down and died.
Somehow, someone raised the alarm that Agashi had been murdered. The victim’s uncle, John Nome heard the shout in the market and rushed home and saw his nephew Mathias Agashi dead and lying in a pool of his blood. On inquiry he was told that Agashi was stabbed to death.
Nome and some elders rushed to a nearby police station to report the matter. Following this, some youths in the community promptly arrested Oda and handed the suspect over to the police, who transferred him to the homicide division of the Ebonyi State Police Command in Abakaliki, where Dikko said he would remain until he is charged to court

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