Gunmen Kidnap Senator’s 90-Year-Old Mother In Bayelsa

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Latest reports emanating from Bayelsa state, south-south Nigeria indicate that some unknown gunmen had kidnapped Senator Emmanuel Paulker’s 90-year old mother.

According to The Nation report, the abduction of the federal lawmaker’s mother, Florentina, took place on Wednesday morning, 29 July, 2014, at her residence in Opolo-Epie, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Residents of the area informed that Florentina was being kidnapped for the second time in four years.

It was gathered that on 23 February, 2010, the old woman was abducted by armed youths who later demanded N100million to set her free.

She was later rescued in March 2010, by security operatives who reportedly gunned down one of the kidnappers along Immiringi road during a gun battle.
A source, who claimed to live very close to the area where the abduction took place, informed that gun shots were heard all over the community when the abduction took place

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ok good one.... mumu country
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Ok na let's go there. One point.
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That one na money thing
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Terror aboard ANOTHER Malaysia Airlines jet as it is forced to abandon take-off to avoid collision with incoming flight
Flight MH136 was forced to abandon a take-off at Adelaide Airport today after learning it was on a collision course with another jet, two weeks after MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.
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Na only weak old pple dis lazy boys dey see kidnap for bayelsa? D other day na president old uncle. Na wa o
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Kidnap......Bomb blast, Road Accident, Plane crash, Gas explosion, ritual Killing, assasination

Mehn........I tire for this country.
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wednesday was 30th july,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,29th july was tuesday
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African's i just want to use this medium to reach as many as i can , and also to express my anger over this so called  Ebola virus , it's enough, the westerners have intimidated us enough and we are no longer slaves to any body, this is western conspiracy to force the black continent to review their  Same-Sex Prohibition ,  why would it been now Huh?Huh?Huh???  brothers    2014  the westerners threatened that  they will scale down its support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in Nigeria in  response to the Federal Government’s position on the gay rights issue.

And now this Ebola virus has been spread in the black continent  to bring the government under pressure to review their same sex marriage law in other to help them get a cure for the Ebola virus virus, please Africans think about this if am wrong with my expression,  now the virus is not even killing people but the fear of the virus .  the symptoms of this virus seems like that of a chemical weapon that was tested and used in the middle east, i know what am saying  i have a point and i know am not far from the truth.
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will be the happiest man on earth the day i will open this page without any bad news in naija,inshort i will go to thanksgining in the church.
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