Why I Moved Back To Nigeria From America: Nollywood Actress Ameze Imarhiagbe

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Nigerian actress Ameze who starred in Ripples, Suicide Mission, Dead End & Flesh and Blood has finally relocated to Lagos state from the United States of America.

The medical school graduate has let go of her medical career for a full-time acting career.

Despite her dazzling performance in Ripples, Amaeze suddenly popped into the blue leaving her fans high and dry. Now she says she is back with a bang with her new movie, I Got Ur Back.

Interview Excerpts:

How’s your latest effort, I Got Your Back doing?

It was premiered in a big way in the USA. I am planning to do same in Ni­geria, Ghana and the UK. I am back for real! And the feedback I am getting from my fans and colleagues has been simply overwhelming.Why did you take a break from act­ing?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, I never left the industry. I am multi-talented and I have been expressing myself in other ways aside acting. As you very well know, I am also a script writer and I have been involved in a couple of American productions. I have a US based production company so I have been busy packaging a lot of stuff.

So could you share your American experience with us?

Wow! It’s been quite exciting! You see I have a passion for storytelling. I have been involved in feature and short film productions and collaborated on a couple of scripts. Some of these productions are in post production phase while others are completed. They include Closure, Pier 16, Lost In Translation and My Nana & I. I have also been organising writing class­es geared towards aspiring youths. My production company is called Senamedia House. Our first feature film was I Got Ur Back. The movie deals with relationships and challenges in marriage. I also did Closure, Pier 16, Lost In Translation and My Nana. I starred in most of them.

Tell us about your relationship with Zeb Ejiro?

Zeb is like a big brother; a trend setter. He is such a talented movie maker and I am inspired by his energy and passion. I am excited to be collaborating with him on a very big project which we are cur­rently working on. It’s something fresh and new, never seen in these parts. Why I respect him so much is that he puts his money where his mouth is.

How has family life been and what else do you engage in outside mov­iemaking?

Family life has been good. I am eternal­ly grateful to God. I work in the medical field in the US. My schedule is flexible. In America you have to work to pay the bills.