Family Of Beheaded Jewish American Journalist Challenges Jihadists On Islam

Date: 05-09-2014 12:15 am (6 years ago) | Author: wooiya
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Few hours after ISIS Islamic radicals beheaded another US journalists Steven Sotloff in Syria, his family and friends have vent their anger on the extremists killing innocent people all in the name of religion.

A close friend to the deceased family, Mr Barak Barfi have paid a moving tribute to the him. He also challenged the jihadist killers to debate the teachings of Islam.

Barak Barfi, speaking Wednesday for the Sotloff family in their first comment since his beheading was shown on a video released by the radical group Islamic State, remembered him as a thoughtful man who enjoyed simple pleasures and was fascinated by the Middle East.

The Middle East scholar switched to Arabic at the end of his statement and in forceful language addressed himself directly to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“I also have a message to Abu Bakr. Woe to you! You said Ramadan is a month of mercy. Where is your mercy?”, Barfi said.

“God does not like aggressors,” he said.

“I am ready to debate with you. Abu Bakr, I come with kind preachings, I have no sword in my hand and I am ready for your response.”

Steven Sotloff who was kidnapped by the Islamic radicals last year August in the middle east is a Jewish American.

The Jihadists have revealed the face of their next victim, a British Aid worker who was also kidnapped few months ago.

They have vowed to behead him also.



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