Ebola In Liberia, Death Toll Rises to 2400 As No More Bedspace To treat Patients

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The head of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan has warned that the spiraling tropical Ebola epidemic demands a stronger and faster response from the international community.

“In the three hardest-hit countries, the number is moving faster than the capacity to manage them,” she told reporters in Geneva.

The alarm came as the UN said its peacekeeping force in worst-affected countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone would “stay the course” against Ebola.

“As of 12 September, we are at 4,784 cases and more than 2,400 deaths,” Chan added.

She did not specify if the figures also included Nigeria, which has reported 18 cases, seven fatal, since the deadliest Ebola outbreak on record began in Guinea at the start of the year. Another 500 foreign health professionals and about 1,000 local doctors and nurses are needed to stop its deadly surge through West Africa, the UN health agency said. “The thing we need most of all is people,” Chan said.

charlytex (m) at 13-09-2014 09:39AM
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What we need most is GOD'S help
Ritabrenice (f) at 13-09-2014 10:25AM
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Oh my God
dareper (m) at 13-09-2014 10:30AM
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nawa o Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
daveobahon (m) at 13-09-2014 11:42AM
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Ebola be carefull we babalawo re warning yu ooo!!! We go call sopona to fight yu oo
Chericoco (f) at 13-09-2014 01:26PM
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People talk of God's help. Does africans help them selfs? People know they have the disease and they intentionally get in contact with people. The photo shows two women having close contact with an ill ebola patient.  Those women will go to public places, infect other family members,  neighbors,  and will never inform anyone about being in contact with Ebola patient.
It's poverty, greed from the government,  wickedness from infeced patients and ignorance increasing the death told of Ebola. Africans need to be educated about the epidemic, stop infecting others intentionally, government to stop being greedy and put the budget given to fight ebola in proper use than putting the budget in their fat bank accounts and leave people to die on the street.
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Lord have mercy
allenspike (m) at 13-09-2014 07:31PM
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Ebola is nt ma portion
deboalabi262 (m) at 13-09-2014 09:17PM
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Liberia needs the urgent help and assistance of World Health Organisation (WHO) ASAP..... Huh?

osamabinladin (m) at 14-09-2014 05:58AM
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Where is the International communities?