My Twin Brother [Paul Okoye] Is Lazy - Peter Okoye Revealed

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Peter Okoye of the P-square music fame, popularly known as the 'Rude boy' seemed to be a very prayerful mood this morning.
The Anambra State born talented entertainer whose recent controversial marriage to his baby mama Lola Omotayo is still raising eyebrows shared a picture of him and his elder brother cum music producer, Jude Okoye in the studio with the caption; "Good morning super fans.....May your enemies see double".
It is yet to be ascertained whether the 'double trouble' prayer is part of the lyrics in their new songs or he was referring to his experience in a real life situation.
Moreover, it could be recalled that during the 5th anniversary of one of Nigeria's top radio station Beat99.9FM, Peter revealed that his twin brother, Paul Okoye is lazy.
Paul’s laziness, according to Peter, is the reason Paul does not do much dancing anymore.‎ ‘It’s not that Paul cannot dance, he’s just lazy. The other day, we booked a 7-hour photo session and by the first hour, Paul was already tired,‘ he said.
Paul agrees with this assessment, ‘It’s true’. ‘I don’t like all the gra gra dance, I’m always afraid that I’ll break my bones, I prefer the cool moves like that ‘Do Me’ dance.’

Thymez01 (m) at 24-09-2014 09:01AM
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Lolz,,,,,lazy boy catching mOOlah
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na d koko b dat him don yan so