Delta State Lawmaker Sent Out of Assembly for Improper Dressing

Published 5 years ago by: Giwa bayo
at 17-09-2014 03:34PM (5 years ago)

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A member of the Delta State House of Assembly, Keston Okoro, was yesterday September 16th sent out of the floor of the Assembly for improper dressing., The House Speaker Hon Peter Onwunsanya gave the order after a member of the house, Daniel Mayuku raised an objection to the mode of dressing of the lawmaker, saying that his dressing fell short of the rules and regulations of the House.
"My dear Speaker and members of this House, as honorable members, we are here to work according to the rules and regulations of this House. Therefore, let me draw your attention to the sitting position of the member representing Udu constituency and to say his mode of dressing is a total disrespect to this honorable House. Our mode of dressing should depict us as responsible members of the House, representing the people in our respective constituencies.’’ Mayuku said.
The Speaker immediately ordered Keston out of the chamber and warned that he should not return until he is 'properly dressed.'

daxydee at 17-09-2014 03:42PM (5 years ago)
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x-avier at 17-09-2014 04:21PM (5 years ago)
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Next time please show us what he was wearing so we'll know their idea of "improper"
Wysetots at 17-09-2014 04:22PM (5 years ago)
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civictayo4great at 17-09-2014 05:00PM (5 years ago)
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Let us have the pics
allenspike at 17-09-2014 05:01PM (5 years ago)
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Na pant E ware?
beneno at 17-09-2014 05:35PM (5 years ago)
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if to say him tie Rapa come them for happy well well even increase him position for the house  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Larry28 at 17-09-2014 05:41PM (5 years ago)
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busa04 at 17-09-2014 09:29PM (5 years ago)
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From agbero to house of reps.
dickman2 at 17-09-2014 10:13PM (5 years ago)
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Ritabrenice at 18-09-2014 06:36AM (5 years ago)
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gleendauk at 18-09-2014 09:03AM (5 years ago)
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This is hilarious, he was sent away for improper dressing what have they been doing to those leaders who fight using their walking sticks , chairs and anything within sight?  I dont blame the man for improper dressing, ( from agbero to leader )  as he hasn't got the mind of a leader talk much of a role model, anything goes in nigeria anyway. The person who raised the issue is an hypocrite, check carefully they both have personal beef. The embarrassing part is this bbc will show those fights for dayyyyysss here in the UK, so if its improper dressing ? I would rather have that mate.
elchymo at 18-09-2014 10:29AM (5 years ago)
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dickman2 at 18-09-2014 02:09PM (5 years ago)
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