NEWS: Gov. Fashola Hosted Ebola Survivors At His Office Yesterday

Published On: September 19, 2014, 7:48 am (6 years ago)
Author: Victor A. Ofoma
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Lagos state Governor,Babatunde Fashola, yesterday September 18,2014, hosted some Ebola survivors at his office at the state Secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja.
 Speaking with the survivors, the governor commended them for coming forward to share their experiences, saying that they are proof that the disease is not a death sentence.

The survivors in attendance included the widow of late Port Harcourt doctor, Dr Emenuo Kelechi, Dr Ibeawuchi Morris,Dr Fadipe Akinniyi, Mr. Dennis Akagha (late Nurse Justina Ejelonu’s fiance) and Dr Adaora Igonoh....

 While sharing their experiences, one of the survivors and staff of First Consultant Hospital, Dr. Ibeabuchi Morris, said he was the first to receive late Sawyer at the hospital where he was first treated for Malaria.

He said after the patient continued to have high temperature, he took the blood sample and sent it to the laboratory, then contacted Dr. Stella Adadevoh who advised him to continue attending to the patient pending the arrival of the test result. He said when the blood result arrived it was confirmed that he was EVD positive. Sawyer died a few days later.

Dr. Ibeabuchi disclosed that he started manifesting symptoms of the disease 12 days later as his body temperature continued to rise beyond 38.5 degrees Celsius. He said when his condition continued to degenerate, he reported to the Lagos State Ministry of Health and was advised to restrict his contact with members of his family.

According to him, his body temperature got to an all time high of over 40 degrees at which point the Medical team from Lagos State came and took him to the isolation centre after decontaminating his house. He thanked the Lagos State Government and all the other agencies and individuals who took care of him and made it possible for him to survive.

Another survivor, Dr. Adaora Igonoh, thanked the Lagos State Governor and the Government for their dedication in the battle to contain the spread of the disease which, according to her, made it possible for some victims, including herself to survive the virus.

Dr. Igonoh, who is also a staff of First Consultants Hospital, commended the hospital and the staff for the risk they took to ensure that the disease did not spread beyond the limit it did. She also paid tribute to those who lost their lives, adding that without their sacrifice, the story would probably have been different.

Also giving his testimony, Mr. Dennis Akagha, fiancee to Justina Akagha, a nursing staff of First Consultants Hospital who died days after attending to Patrick Sawyer, said he got to hear about his fiancee’s contact with Sawyer when the death of the Liberian was announced on television. She later told him she’d treated Sawyer.

He said when the symptoms of the disease started manifesting in Justina, they first thought it was pregnancy induced or Malaria because she’d told him she wore protective gloves while attending to Sawyer. He said that on the 14th day, Justina’s condition worsened and he took her to First Consultants from where he was directed to the Isolation Centre in Yaba where she later passed on.

He disclosed that he did not immediately go to hospital when he started manifesting the symptoms until he started vomiting and feeling dehydrated. He said he was finally taken to the Isolation Centre where he was treated and discharged after he tested negative of the virus.

Other survivors who gave testimonies were Dr. Fadipe Akinniyi, also a staff of First Consultants Hospital and Dr. (Mrs.) Kelechi Emenuo, wife of late Dr. Emenuo, who treated one of Mr. Sawyer’s companions in Port Harcourt and later died of the disease.

Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 07:48 AM | Gistmaniac
good..... Thank God say the Edo man wey Bring the sickness don die
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 07:56 AM | Upcoming
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:01 AM | Gistmaniac
This a commendable move especially as we have to show the WORLD that Nigeria is fighting Ebola and winning on some levels. The sad stories coming out of Liberia for those affected by Ebola has made the whole of the medical services in West Africa look incapable of looking after their own.

So well done to Fsshola .
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:02 AM | Gistmaniac
Very good
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:04 AM | Gistmaniac
 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:04 AM | Addicted Hero
Gud news
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:24 AM | Hero
Good News
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 09:04 AM | Hero
Thank God,  Nigeria is a great country nobody can kill our spirit.  No any conspiracy theory can work against us bcos we are more than conqueror all the time. I thank Lagos State Gov, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria for their prompt action.  God bless Nigeria.
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 10:26 AM | Gistmaniac
Welldone Governor! Good example of a leader and team work. It's good to know u take to advice. D sky is d beginning of ur journey to successful intervention in this job. I'll keep in touch again Fashola as there r lots of other things we need to advice u on and we will be honest with u.
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 10:32 AM | Upcoming
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 10:33 AM | Addicted Hero
How are we sure that is over
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 11:03 AM | Newbie
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Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 11:55 AM | Newbie
Iovly news , u pple should be carrying go news like this.....
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 08:47 PM | Newbie
Quote from: chidi4reala on 19-09-2014 07:56 AM
good..... Thank God say the Edo man wey Bring the sickness don die
may God punish u 4 your word
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 09:25 PM | Newbie
Thank God Almighty For U People's  Life
May Ur healing's be permanent in Jesus Name Amen
Posted: (6 years ago) on 19-09-2014 10:56 PM | Upcoming
If na Edo man bring the sickness, chidi4reala everything you put your hand for life go better for you BUT if not be Edo bring the sickness  Ogun Oba   go perish you and your generation. Angry Sad     oba Gha To Kpe Re..... Ise
Posted: (6 years ago) on 20-09-2014 06:58 AM | Newbie
Baba Fash is also careful , read the picture
Posted: (6 years ago) on 20-09-2014 09:16 AM | Upcoming
That woman by the Left who lost her husband is not smiling at all in any photo, shows how painful and strong her love was.
but that boy who lost his pregnant wife just keeps smiling n even laughing in any photo I see him, no feelings like he lost something at all,
Well!! I don't blame him, he got her Pregnant without even spending much money on Marriage, care, feeding and all that so no much loss.
and the Pregnancy was the open door to her death, cuz the baby will 1st die and that will weaking her system making her vulnerable to every..

May Her soul rest in perfect peace..
Posted: (6 years ago) on 20-09-2014 12:23 PM | Newbie
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